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The return of the NatWest piggies #pigbyandfriends @Britmums

Do you remember the NatWest piggies?

I must have been around 10 or 11 when they came out and of course I wanted one. The first NatWest Piggy Bank Account was launched on 5 December, 1983. A child could open an account with £3, of which £2 was credited to the account, and £1 went towards a ceramic money box in the shape of a pink baby pig, named Woody. The child would receive additional pigs in the family as his or her savings grew. The first time the regular six-monthly statement showed a balance of £25 or more, Woody’s sister Annabel was automatically despatched free. For each £25 added to the account after that, the other pigs were sent to you.

Of course I managed to get my little mitts on Woody, but I never managed to save enough to get another one and over the years I’ve really wanted those pigs! I know, such a silly thing…. but I’ve not wanted them enough to pay £800 for a full set on eBay!

So when I discovered that NatWest were bringing out the NatWest piggies again, I was quite excited.

[svpVideo v=1]

Yes, those are my girls in the video for NatWest young savers sharing their thoughts about money… and the NatWest Piggies are back again!

The NatWest First Saver account is open to children under 16 and they’ll earn 1% on balances under £25,000 and 0.5% for balances over this amount. It’s an instant access account which means that savings are not locked in – helping children to balance saving versus spending.

NatWest will also provide First Savers, and their parents, with fun savings tips and tricks, initially through a welcome pack and ‘Pigby’s savings zone’ online portal. If you’re a new young saver to NatWest then you will be given a Pigsby piggybank to encourage your little ones to start saving.

The new piggies are a little different, they’re from the creators of Wallace and Gromit, and were based on the drawings by Kwamina Longdon. Heather Wright, Executive Producer at Aardman Animations adds “We have had a huge amount of fun developing these characters, especially Pigby, who although he is the youngest of the group and wants to be just like them in terms of their activities and escapades, is the one they all rely on when it comes to planning ahead!”

David Crawford, Head of Savings at NatWest, says: “Many parents may fondly remember the NatWest pigs from their childhood, and we hope this new generation of pigs can help teach children that saving can be fun as well as beneficial in later life. “By working with Aardman, who already excite and inspire children across the world with their animation, we’ve created a more modern set of characters to teach kids about the benefits of saving to buy the things they want.”

Are you excited by the new NatWest piggies?

Disclosure: My girls received a small fee for appearing in the video and a Pigsby piggybank. They are arguing how to spend the fee and saving it to get the next pig in the set has yet to cross their mind…

Sarah Arrow

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