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Roving Robin Report

robin on branch chirping Opinions - photo by Scott LiddellBirdy Diamond here, your Roving Robin Reporter. I have been tasked by the lovely Sarah to flutter around the web and bring back news of some of the neat & nifty things we birds (& the occasional bloke) are doing, so we don’t miss anything. (Or at least a lot less than we otherwise might.)


Customerloving goodness this week:

Fab Posts, Interviews, and General What-not:

General What-not:

Delisa Carnegie tells us that “It Really Is All About You, Baby”.

Fab Offers:

  • Sandi  Faviell Amorim of “Deva Coaching”  is running a promotion: comment on this post and tell her how your heart is on the line to be entered to win an hour of coaching!
  • And this is actually from last round, but it definitely bears repeating: Jonathan Wondrusch has created a fantastic free resource on how to create e-books.

Take Action

  • Jac of Highland Coaching on “21 Things a Woman Solopreneur Needs to  Know Right Now”.
  • And Danielle LaPorte gives us “how to be a (profiting) truth o’mmercial, rather than a slickster”
  • After all that, if you’re ready to take a break and start thinking of your garden, Rachel Matthews of ‘Successful Garden Design’ has a new podcast, “Great Garden Formula – Quick And Easy Garden Design Tips”. Some fantastic tips here on how to arrange your garden and make great choices that will leave you deeply happy with your outdoor spaces.

Take a Break

Beauty Break

Creativity Break

@dollarcraft – @CraftTestDummy It can be a leap of faith for some people to exercise their creativity. (I feel that way about fashion – ha) #craftsocial

@FreshStitches – @carinaeh My difficult students are ones who already know a little, & aren’t open to new ideas. Then, they end up disappointed! #craftsocial

Fun Break

I adore this video which came to me via the TwitterStream from JessVanDen

“A friend shared this on FB, and it always makes me laugh – ‘Dangerous Wands’ – one for the #Potter fans!”

‘Quote Break

  • @burgessct – Puddles are meant to be jumped in and enjoyed! RT @mirpod: Every path has its puddle. cc: @Eric_Halsey Retweeted by @qstreet
  • @divamover  – A Valentine’s thought: life is too short to eat cheap chocolate. Go for dark, rich, just a bite. Quality > quantity. Words 2 live by.
  • @AlexiaPetrakos A4: @torideaux, @caffeinatedelf, chocolate & caffeine. 😉 um… other than that, giving people the help I wish I had years ago #customerlove
  • Kathleen_Craig Chocolate, both a motivator and a celebration 🙂 RT @christybower: Chocolate is a powerful motivator! #customerlove
  • @susantblake A1 I have to remember to celebrate what I HAVE accomplished, not whine about what I haven’t 🙂 #customerlove
  • @susantblake RT @EncouragingBird: A4- To share the wonder. Theres a lot of it out there. 🙂 <-Wonder – one of my favorite things! #customerlove

Take Care of You

ClaireTompkins @ainsliehunter @bybloggers I think it’s natural to prioritize client work: the squeaky wheel. But grease yr wheel too. #customerlove

  • Victoria Brouhard gives us this power vid-post about how to reassure yourself that if you couldn’t do it, you wouldn’t want it. (via AmySeyBrown)
  • These may have been originally designed for the feline of the species, but I am hear to tell you that catnip makes very fine sachets for humans too! Great for soothing those everyday jitters. (I tucked one of our catnip pouches in my sis-in-spirit’s bag on her wedding day – calmed her right down!)

Flying Away

There’s more out there of course.
There’s always more.

But for now, I must away, to search out new goodies & delights for next time.

If you have anything you’d like me to include in upcoming editions, please let me know.

If you have questions or comments on things you’ve seen here or that you’d like to see in upcoming editions, let me know those too.

Until next time!
Chirp, chirp! :>


PS if you want to be included in our weekly round up tweet a link to Birdy or leave a comment. We use Comment Luv here so your latest post will show.

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