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Roving Robin Report – Fourth Week of May

robin on branch chirping Opinions - photo by Scott LiddellBirdy Diamond here, your Roving Robin Reporter!

I have been tasked by the lovely Sarah to flutter around the web and bring back news of some of the neat & nifty things we birds (& the occasional bloke) are doing, so we don’t miss anything. (Or at least a lot less than we otherwise might.)

Take Action

  • Tisha Berg is teaming up with Vonetta Booker-Brown on Wednesday, June 8th at 7pm EST (midnight London time, alas – will have to see if there will be a recording) to bring you what is looking to be a fantastic free webinar on how to create successful podcasts and videos. I’m already signed up and waiting eagerly – join me?
  • Delighteneer Chris Anthony reminds us that mistakes are a part of growth.
  • And Justine Grey of ‘Create Hype’ shares that being a high-school dropout didn’t stop her, and asks what’s stopping you?

Take a Break

  • The Jars continue! Kirsty Hall continues to rock out her Jars, providing Art & Entertainment for the fine folks of the Bristol area.
  • And Skaja Wills continues her picture posting project with a feline “Midnight Portrait”.

And speaking of Kittehs, the Felines are Frisky this week:

Take Care of You

  • If you enjoy the works of Richard Bach, you’ll enjoy this new venture by Peter Crowell. Part fiction, part autobiography, part Journey, it gets off to a fascinating beginning here.
  • And Mike of ‘Stick Figure Simple’ reminds us to choose our clients wisely.

Flying Away

There’s more out there of course.
There’s always more.

But for now, I must away, to search out new goodies & delights for next time.

If you have anything you’d like me to include in upcoming editions, please let me know in the comments section or on Twitter @EncouragingBird or the hashtag #rovingrobin.

If you have questions or comments on things you’ve seen here or that you’d like to see in upcoming editions, let me know those too. Again, comments or @EncouragingBird are good methods of contact.

Until next time!
Chirp, chirp! :>

Birdy Diamond

She is the One Who Tells Tales. Writer of words. Creator of card-decks. Transmogrifier of talismans. Maker of music. Singer of songs. Lover of Elevenses and Alliteration. Member of sub-species homo sapiens soprani. When not telling tales for her business, she helps tell tales with local singing and theater groups.
Text versions of her tales: pseud BardicRaven at Archive of Our OwnAudio versions of tales+posts:JourneyBirds' YouTube channel. Fannish comments: Tumblr.

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