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Roving Robin Report – Nifty Neato Stuff for the First Week of April, 2011

robin on branch chirping Opinions - photo by Scott LiddellBirdy Diamond here, your Roving Robin Reporter. I have been tasked by the lovely Sarah to flutter around the web and bring back news of some of the neat & nifty things we birds (& the occasional bloke) are doing, so we don’t miss anything. (Or at least a lot less than we otherwise might.)



Big events stir up big thoughts.

  • And I had a moment of deep realization that history doesn’t have to be forever.


Take Action

@pamslim – for launch jitters, escort the lizard brain to corner beanbag and put in a movie for it. call up a friend and have em talk you down.

  • And speaking of, this post by El Edwards might help you get some perspective about said launch jitters.


Take Notice

Notable Birds

  • BirdsOnTheBlog – The Amazing Women of 2011
  • BirdsOnTheBlog – Be proud if your website gives people worry lines.

Notable CustomerLove

  • Monette Satterfield shares @pincurlgirl ‘s True Bookkeeping Story, and invites us to share our own voyages upon the sea of numbers.
  • The #CustomerLove 72-hour sale raised over 10K for Japanese relief efforts, thanks to a matching grant and a lot of great folks! Congrats everybody!

Take a Break

Beauty Break

olotwittwoo – I’ve been woken up by bird song this morning spring is here magnolia buds tell me it’s going to be a great summer

  • Skaja Wills’ entry for her ‘365 random’ project:  “Photo: day 85 – tiny red flowers”
  • @kirstymhall – Not for the arachnaphobes but I think these web-covered trees are pretty.
    (You can find the original article here.)


Creativity Break

@MaryHavlicek: @jesseblayne @pegkd I’m reclaiming my artist self. Going to draw today. My hands have been aching to do it. And I found new inspiration 4 it


Fun Break

  • Bathroom Break at Cesar Millan’s & “How to Store & Organize Cats” (via “The Daily Tail”)


Media Break

  • Advertisements these may be, but these video ads for Fage Greek yogurt caught my eye and my Muse’s attention. Beautiful, moving poetry. Take it beyond yogurt to Life, and the magnificence only increases.


Quote Break

  • @caffeinatedelf 2:45pm via TweetDeck
    I officially ‘like’ this status. 🙂 RT @AdamKingStudio: A pint o’ 1554 and notepad are making Saturday all that more creative.
  • @DaftLimmy – Happy 80th birthday, Leonard Nimoy. Live long and… oh, you have. (Retweeted by @soniasimone)
  • @ElizabethPW – When it gets down to it, I was not built for waiting.
  • @SleepTalkinMan – “The ravioli’s plotting something. Always hiding his agenda. Stick with fusilli. He’s really trustworthy.” (via @JennyBBones)
  • @CharlieGilkey – RT @kpdurand: The Stockdale Paradox: Faith you will prevail plus discipline to confront the brutal facts.
  • @FamousWomen – The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain. – Dolly Parton


Reading Break

  • Jim C. Hines, one of my fave fantasy authors has a new book out set in his Goblin universe. “Goblin Tales” is a set of five short stories that look absolutely luscious! Can’t wait to get my wings on this one!


Writing Break

  • Praise & poetry too! Too long to retweet, but I felt this just HAD to be immortalized. :>

@PaceSmith via TweetDeck
There once was a blogger and maven;
Australia was her safe haven.
Smart & unique, an unabashed geek:
I’m speaking of course of @jadecraven.


Take Care of You

  • Attitude is a choice. Excellently illustrated (literally!) by Sparky Firepants.
  • SallyG suggests that we celebate yourself, just where you are, and realize that you are mighty enough that “The club can’t even handle us right now …”.
  • Rachel Acklin, the Caffeinated Elf, shares her thoughts on how to expand your business while still taking care of you.


Flying Away

There’s more out there of course.
There’s always more.

But for now, I must away, to search out new goodies & delights for next time.

  • If you have anything you’d like me to include in upcoming editions, please let me know in the comments section or on Twitter @EncouragingBird.
  • If you have questions or comments on things you’ve seen here or that you’d like to see in upcoming editions, let me know those too. Again, comments or @EncouragingBird are good methods of contact.

Before I go, I’d love to hear your answers to this question:

What inspired you this week?

Please share your answers in the comments. 🙂

Until next time!
Chirp, chirp! :>

Birdy Diamond

She is the One Who Tells Tales. Writer of words. Creator of card-decks. Transmogrifier of talismans. Maker of music. Singer of songs. Lover of Elevenses and Alliteration. Member of sub-species homo sapiens soprani. When not telling tales for her business, she helps tell tales with local singing and theater groups.
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