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Roving Robin Report – Week of 03-14-11 aka the Birthday Edition

robin on branch chirping Opinions - photo by Scott LiddellBirdy Diamond here, your Roving Robin Reporter. I have been tasked by the lovely Sarah to flutter around the web and bring back news of some of the neat & nifty things we birds (& the occasional bloke) are doing, so we don’t miss anything. (Or at least a lot less than we otherwise might.)



Before we dive headfirst into all the awesome this week, I want to share a bit of loveliness perpetrated by the fantabulous duo of LaVonne Ellis and Colin Beveridge.

A Birthday Tribute to Naomi Dunford, in several blog posts.

Check them out! There is much awesomeness and great reading in this list.

Some thoughts from the Divine Naomi herself, shamelessly lifted from her Twitter stream:

  • So apparently I turned 30 while I was sleeping. Didn’t even get a chance for a coffee first or ANYTHING. I blame Las Vegas.
  • OK, WHAT?!?! WHAT have you people been doing while I slept?
  • OK, now my mom’s on the phone so I can’t keep reading. Will be back. THANK YOU. #thankyouthankyouthankyou
  • I am not nearly caffeinated enough to properly thank you for your shenanigans. I’m going to find a latte and blubber into it for now.

And finally…

  • Update on being in my 30s: I am now no longer getting carded at the casino. Do I have to start buying grownup moisturizer now?


Take Action

  • If you want some reading to help get you off your butt and fired UP!, read this post by Jenny B. Bones. A totally FAB bridge between the old and the new!
  • PattyK tells us “Yes, You *are* an expert”
  • If, after realizing you are an expert, you decide you want to get super-clear on how to arrange your business year this year, jet on over to “Business Korner” and check out this post by the head man himself.
  • Then, if you want to get clear on your parameters about giving away your stuff (read: time, expertise), check out this post by Peggie Arvidson. No holds barred!
  • And if you want to get a handle on what the flock you should be saying on Twitter, then check out this post by the ever-awesome Naomi Dunford.
  • And finally, Kendall Summerhawk talks about three common mistakes in relation to asking for fees in “Are you talking yourself out of clients paying you?”


Take a Break

Creativity Break

Quote Break

This week, to continue the celebration, a couple of quotes from Ms Naomi:

@NaomiDunford – @CharlieGilkey You know what happened the LAST time I listened to you? I sold $43,000 worth of ebooks, that’s what.

@NaomiDunford – I’m flying to Vegas in 19 hours and have approximately a week and a half of work to do. Advice? Support? Time machine?


Take Care of You

  • Heather Plett of “Sophia Leadership” has compiled a lovely, thought-full free-for-addy e-book called “Sophia Rises: Changing the World through Feminine Wisdom”. (Thnx to MagpieGirl for the lead!)

A beautiful duo of posts from Havi of “The Fluent Self”:


Flying Away

There’s more out there of course.
There’s always more.

But for now, I must away, to search out new goodies & delights for next time.

  • If you have anything you’d like me to include in upcoming editions, please let me know.
  • If you have questions or comments on things you’ve seen here or that you’d like to see in upcoming editions, let me know those too.

Until next time!
Chirp, chirp! :>

Birdy Diamond

She is the One Who Tells Tales. Writer of words. Creator of card-decks. Transmogrifier of talismans. Maker of music. Singer of songs. Lover of Elevenses and Alliteration. Member of sub-species homo sapiens soprani. When not telling tales for her business, she helps tell tales with local singing and theater groups.
Text versions of her tales: pseud BardicRaven at Archive of Our OwnAudio versions of tales+posts:JourneyBirds' YouTube channel. Fannish comments: Tumblr.

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