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Review: Spammers, Scammers and Social Engineers

Spammers, Scammers and Social Engineers by Charles Conway

When I offered to review this book I was a little apprehensive as on first glance the subject matter was fairly daunting but I needn’t have been concerned.  Charles Conway has a way of explaining his subject with lots of relevant examples and analogies that make it come to life and keep you reading until the end.


The book covers the whole range of Internet Security issues for business and personal users.  As a business owner it made me think of the amount of trust you put in your employees especially in a new or fledgling business when policies tend to be fairly lax.  The book underlines how much you have to lose by not taking the threat to your business seriously with incomplete or undefined internet policies without being ‘preachy’.  Issues of social networking sites, scam emails and use of removable storage devices are discussed alongside obvious but often neglected areas such as passwords and their importance.


Yet this book does not stop there not only does it cover business threats it also covers some of the criminal activity that the general public are scammed by and explains how these work and more importantly how to avoid them.


Having been ‘suckered’ by a telephone advertising scam offering inclusion in a NHS related magazine and been flattered by the con-artist I now ‘Google’ any company I deal with and you would be surprised how many times the word ‘scam’ comes up.  Whilst I read this section I was embarrassed as it followed such an obvious pattern that Charles explains. These are the kind of hints and tips offered by Charles in this book that are invaluable not only to business but also to anyone who uses the internet, email or telephone.


An excellent book for new and existing business owners – can you afford not to read it?


Nicola Scowen

You can buy a copy here