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Re-ResolutionsHave you given up on new year’s resolutions? I was chatting to a friend about this last week and she was adamant that they were a waste of time.

‘I don’t bother with resolutions any more,’ she said. ‘I never keep them, and it’s just depressing having the same old resolutions year after year. What’s the point?’

You can see her point. You don’t have to be Einstein to work out that doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is the definition of insanity (although it was of course Einstein that put it so pithily).

But that doesn’t necessarily mean there’s no point setting resolutions this year.

Think about it: where would you be now if you’d decided as a baby that because you’d fallen over the last 20 times you’d tried taking a step there was no point trying any more?

You’re a different you to the you that failed to keep last year’s resolutions. You’ve learned and grown. Maybe you see the world differently. Maybe you understand yourself a bit better, and your priorities have changed. Almost certainly your circumstances have changed – there might be new people in your life, new challenges and opportunities. Maybe after such a grim year you have a new appreciation of how short and precious life is.

So give this year’s you a chance.

What would you like to be or do differently this year? And what new habit would help you achieve that?

Make it simple and fun, try a new approach, and then just get on with it. Don’t allow the weight of your past failures to weigh it down before you’ve even started.

New year is a time for hope, and for resolution in both senses of the word:

‘a firm decision to do or not to do something’


‘the quality of being determined or resolute’.

If you’re not making resolutions this year because you’re scared of failing, you’ve already failed. If you’ve not given up, you’re still in the game.

What will you re-resolve this year? 


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Alison Jones

Alison is a book coach and publishing partner for businesses and organizations with something to say. She hosts the Extraordinary Business Book Club podcast.
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