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Personal relationships and business success

Have you thought how much your personal relationships affect your business?

I work with women who have had their confidence pounded into dust by partners, parents and friends who have used their words against their loved ones. Sticks and stones and all that; oh really, do you reckon? If you hear “you don’t really have what it takes to be a business owner” or, “are you sure you ought to be doing this?” often enough, you will experience severe doubts about your abilities.

My ex used to line up his statements about my abilities with the phrase, “I’m just playing devil’s advocate here.” To this day, that phrase makes me want to punch the person who has said it. Your ex, or parent may do something similar, and may even be well intentioned in doing so; “what if it all goes wrong?” is the mantra of the cautious parent, and the chances are that this will rub off onto you and you’ll be wondering this yourself.

I find it astonishing that so many women suffer from such low confidence and self-esteem and expect their businesses to be roaring successes. It amazes me that they can’t see the link between constant putdowns and the self-sabotage they experience in their businesses. Being frozen by inertia as a result of years of being told you’re not really that good has a direct effect on you as a business owner; if you haven’t been able to break free of these harsh words of your past, you’re replaying them, day after day, wondering who the hell you think you are, what gives you the right to think you’re any good, who would want to buy from you anyway…

You see the link there?

Personal confidence has everything to do with business success  so make your 2014 your best year ever. Personal relationships can make or break businesses.

Don’t let your past ruin your future.

I’m just saying.


See you next week.



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Paula Jones

Mojo Coach at Project Confidence
Paula Jones is a coach and clinical hypnotherapist, and Project Confidence is for professional women to gain personal confidence, overcome fears, and beat anxiety for great performance in work and in life.
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