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Annabel Kaye – Outsourcing support

annabel kaye outsourcing supportMy childhood was spent fighting with the local kids on the block and reading.  I read everything I could get my hands on.   I don’t remember having an ambition to be anything in particular when I grew up – my ambition was to get that far.   I thought 21 was old, and my goal was to survive to the age of 18.  That was enough.

I made it to the age of 18 – and way beyond.  I am still reading everything I can get my hands on and still fighting – though now I do it in words.   My job is to solve and prevent disputes and to help create a space for people to work in that doesn’t set off too many.   I don’t mediate – I never wanted half of anything in the whole of my life but I do create clear legal and emotional structures at work.

My early working career was extremely varied.  I grew up in a time when if you didn’t like a job you left it Wednesday and you had another one the next Monday.   I worked as a temp doing everything from retail to warehouse work.  I got sacked from a food factory for being unable to put the correct amount of potato on top of a shepherd’s pie.  I got sacked from being a waitress as I couldn’t remember the table numbers and gave everyone the wrong order.

I worked in PR for a while for a charity, before joining the Consumers Association.  There I got fascinated with how the law can be used to change things.  After a while I realised that I was on a 20 year wait to promotion, given the flat structure of the organisation.   Later I joined a personnel consultancy that specialised in employment law and employee relations. I have never looked back.

In 1980 I founded my own consultancy – Irenicon (and later KoffeeKlatch too) and have been arguing, negotiating, and creating ever since.  I am fascinated by what makes relationships work – and what drags them down and how the law fits.

I help entrepreneurs growing a service business create profitable and effective relationships using contracts as a tool to make sure they get what they are paying for without nasty surprises.

I do this by helping them to map what they need to outsource and what they need to pay people to do, and to create ways of ‘buying’ that securely without losing control of the business or its IP or having unexpected tax bills.  This means creating great contracts that underpin that process.

A client hired a web designer using one of our web designer contracts.  The web designer was good for a while, but then they didn’t respond to maintenance requests.  Our client disputed a bill and the web designer threatened to turn off the site.   Our client owned the domain, the master log ins, the licenses and content.   They simply transferred the site to a new host.

If you want to discover more about how to outsource successfully join here for some great tips to get you started.

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