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Our Girls

The revenue from the advertising, fundraising and donations from the resident bloggers have enabled us to fund the education of twin girls in Uganda.

They are aptly named Perfect and Princess nova 3 다운로드. Ida Horner met them and their family and has shared some of their story.

Their father died in a road accident 18 months ago leaving behind 6 children and wife 크툴루의 부름. He worked was a roofer and worked on the charity’s buildings out in SW Uganda.

Their mother does odd jobs in the village but doesn’t earn enough to pay for all 6 children, so twins had no chance of an education until our involvement Download the Facebook Messenger file.

I have attached their pics here.



Patience, another sister to Princess

Quite simply with an education, our girls have a better chance of life without poverty, a life where they can help lift their community and a life where they can help themselves 왕좌의 게임 시즌8 2화 자막.

Thank you Ida and Thank you Ann McCarthy, your hard work makes a real difference to these girls lives.

If you would like to make a donation, perhaps you would consider giving £6 for one of the girls education for a month Ultra Violet. Perfect and Princess are 5 now, we have 11 more years to pay for. Your help will be appreciated.