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Roving Robin Report – On Making Things Better

robin on branch chirping Opinions - photo by Scott LiddellBirdy Diamond here, your Roving Robin Reporter. I have been tasked by the lovely Sarah to flutter around the web and bring back news of some of the neat & nifty things we birds (& the occasional bloke) are doing, so we don’t miss anything. (Or at least a lot less than we otherwise might.)


To start off the party this week, Kelly Diels reminds us that ‘the conditions for creativity will never be ideal’.

So do it anyway!

And to help you do just that, Rachel Acklin, the Caffeinated Elf, has created the Caffeinated Business Chat. These chats will be occurring Monday evenings, stateside time. (With possible earlier additions and editions later – stay tuned for more details as they happen.)

Take Action

  • A declaration from Clay Collins’ business partner Tracy Simmons on why she won’t dress up in heels and buy you dinner. She also reveals an excellent reason why you shouldn’t dress up & dine your customers either and ten key points of excellent customer service.
  • Yolanda Facio of ‘Marketing Unhinged’ has come out with an e-book on how to find your business’ passion. Check it out for tips & strategies on how to find your business’ purpose to ensure you have a business you love.And if you’d like to learn a bit more about her, check out her manifesto “One Split-Second to 18 Years of Living Unhinged”, an excellent free-book on how to live the unhinged life. (And no, we’re not talking insanity here! :-D)
  • 365DaysofGenius – “An idea that is developed and put into action is more important than an idea that exists only as an idea.” –Edward de Bono
  • GrandmaMaryShow – Thank you, I needed that! RT @CarlaYoung: #MOMeo Tip: Breathe and focus. Now get back to getting stuff done! #fb

Take a Break

Beauty Break

  • Kris Hunt is a lovely glass artist, as well as being a friend of mine. This hand-painted scent bottle is a lovely example of her work. Leaves and flowers trail over the glass in a wondrous tangle of floral delights.

Creativity Break

  • For bird-type artists out there who are looking for another way to get your work in front of a new set of eyeballs: Tammy Vitale is looking for artists who are willing to share photographs of their art to include in a book of “Wylde Women’s Wisdom” quotes. Details found here. The arbitrary deadline is June 1, 2011, but she will be matching words and art before then, so submit away!!!
  • And Riin Gill of “Happy Fuzzy Yarn” is looking for a beta knitter for a hat pattern she’s designed. You get both the pattern and the yarn. In return, you agree to not post any piccys of the piece until after she has the pattern up for sale.

Fun Break

Being a dyed-in-the-wool chocoholic from way back, I found this extremely amusing!
OMGFacts – In 1903, a German company produced a phonograph that played records made of CHOCOLATE!

Quote Break

  • TonyaHallRadio – “A real friend is someone who walks in when the rest of the World walks out” ~Unknown #quote RT @ruhanirabin:
  • susantblake – Cats have enormous patience with the limitations of the human kind. – Cleveland Amory
  • GrandmaMaryShow – RT @DivaCoachDabney: A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination. Nelson Mandela #latteClub
  • DanielleLaPorte – enthusiasm is the genuine Yes! that will uncork your genius.
  • CatherineCaine– RT @snipeyhead: Yes, definitely need an oubliette in the office. They’re young though, so I think a noobliette would be more appropriate.
  • wendycholbi – In a restaurant window: “Kids eat free with purchase of adult.” Not sure I want to eat what they’re serving!
  • soniasimone – @pamslim Hee hee, two tweets that crossed in the night. 🙂
  • intuitivebridge – I’m kinda wondering if I should get a tattoo that says that. Obsessed with reality (and sailing)
  • etherjammer – Story seed: A blind woman is accidentally assigned a seeing-eye god. #didntsayitwasaGOODseed
  • intuitivebridge – I love it when my clients listen to their own wise counsel. You are wise!
  • AffirmationSpot – What if you made all the difference in the world? Well, get comfortable with that because you do!
  • SarahRobinson – RT @LoriMoreno: Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds. ~Albert Einstein #quote

Take Care of You

  • Listening guru & shopping explorer Jill Chivers has graciously invited me to continue my series on Listening Currency over at her blog “I’m Listening Now”. Here, I share some thoughts with you on how to help support yourself in the adoption of your new year’s listening habits.

A tip from the lovely Sarah led me to this book: “Bridge to Tomorrow”, by Richard Derwent Cooke. Reading the introductory blurb, the words “‘channelled’ book” immediately leaped out at me in a professional sense, as that is the sort of thing that my hubby & I do for a living ourselves.

Having poked about a bit inside the digital covers, I can say that all three are packed full of useful information. Regardless of where you believe the information came from , these are good reads if you are looking to learn more about how to understand and take control of your life.

Bridge to Tomorrow – Bridge Trilogy – bk 1

From Across the Rainbow Bridge – Bridge Trilogy – bk 2

The Bridge of Air – Bridge Trilogy – bk 3

And finally,  an allegorical Journey for you: The Seven Steps.

Flying Away

There’s more out there of course.
There’s always more.

But for now, I must away, to search out new goodies & delights for next time.

If you have anything you’d like me to include in upcoming editions, please let me know. (therovingrobin at gmail dot com will do nicely)

If you have questions or comments on things you’ve seen here or that you’d like to see in upcoming editions, let me know those too.

Until next time!
Chirp, chirp! :>


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