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Mmm…top 25 #dream dinner guests…

In my dream house, I am going to hold a dinner party and these are my invitees. My top 25 women who I would have round for a bit of posh nosh, oodles of wine and some engaging, maybe funny but certainly heated debates. I decided to keep in politics but kick out religion  – it was one or the other and politics makes my heart sing, especially with my invite list.medium_7887699974 They are all alive, so this is totally possible (right?). To me each of these women represents something remarkable,  you might disagree or something controversial. I like to mix it up when I hold a party. Everyone is an adult so it is up to them to get on and if there is any argy bargy, I will ask them to leave without their goodie bag…!

Do you agree with my choices?

Who would you swap and why?

If you were invited who would you want me to sit you next to and who would you want to avoid like the plague.

In no particular order here are the top 25 dinner dates!

  1. Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo – made some sweeping changes to stop home working and I just find her boldness intriguing.
  2. Sheryl Sandberg, a powerful woman COO of Facebook Inc, and I am on the fence with all this leaning in malarkey so would take pre-dinner drinks to make my mind up me thinks.
  3. Louise Hay, a bit of a heroine in my book and life, founder of Hay House my favourite New Age publishers and pioneer of the New Age movement in my eyes.
  4. Hilary Clinton, fascinates me, it must be a power thing that pulls me in.
  5. Julia Gilliard, a bit of solidarity and would love to unpick what has gone on for her in the Australian media and get her to champion anti-sexism. Yes, an ulterior motive for inviting her but she is a woman who I respect greatly and is an inspiration.
  6. Aung San Suu Kyi, I remember reading about her when I was younger and it stayed with me. It scared me when I was young that she was so committed to her cause and I would just love to get to know this woman.
  7. Madonna, international pop royalty.
  8. Cheryl Cole, UK pop royalty.
  9. Dolly Parton, just because!
  10. Kylie Minogue, more pop royalty.
  11. Angelina, just feel like there would be so much to talk about!
  12. Ruby Wax, need someone who I can chuckle with.
  13. Susan Sarandon, I like her stance of taking action.
  14. Grace Jones, why not?
  15. Alice Walker, author of my best book ever: “Temple of My Familiar“.
  16. Emma Thompson, humanitarian work gets me every time; I want to cook for you!
  17. Oprah Winfrey, if you are there, I get to talk to you about anything and everything!
  18. Nigella Lawson, a national treasure and cooking goddess!
  19. Madhur Jaffrey, another national treasure cooking goddess in my eyes and although I would feel the pressure cooking for her, I would love to be in the presence of this lady.
  20. Delia Smith, another national treasure and someone I feel I grew up to, who inspired me to want to cook other things than what my mum was teaching me!
  21. Wangari Maathai, a nobel peace prize winner and activist in Kenya.
  22. My BFF, not a cheat, just that she would absolutely kill me if I failed to get her sat around this dinner table. And no, she wouldn’t be there to help me…!
  23. Kelly Holmes, something about her that I like…maybe watching her cheering like crazy at London 2012 endeared me to her!
  24. Camilla, HRH, I think I could get her to share over a few bottles of wine. I did mention my parties are always very relaxed!
  25. Shami Chakrabarti, Director of Liberty, a British civil liberties organisation. I think me and her could get quite heated and maybe change the world.

Over to you , what do you think of my top dinner date table?

Sarupa Shah

Sarupa Shah

Sarupa Shah is The Celebrities Soul Agent and owner and founder of The Soul Agency . The Soul Agency works with entrepreneurs and leaders across the globe who want to put soul and spirit back to where it matters and create a legacy of love for the planet, starting with their business and bank balance! To visit her blog click here
Sarupa writes about business, money and politics giving them a spiritual, twist, shake and stir. (If you sign up to The Soul Agency you will get a free eBook - 31 Money Affirmations...!)
Sarupa lives in London and loves being a vegetarian and has a passion for eating!