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Losing weight especially for your wedding?

bigstock-Caucasian-mid-adult-bride-hold-12816086The goal is to be gorgeous for your wedding day but what about after that?

Will you return from your honeymoon with excess baggage? (And I’m not taking about the duty free…)

The question I’m asking is:

Are you really okay with living in your best body for just one day of your life or would you like something more?

It is so common for brides (and grooms) to undertake a weight loss program in the run up to their wedding so they can look svelte and glowing for their special day. This special day is captured in photos and on video for eternity (or however long those things exist) so it’s natural to want to look your best.

Once the goal is achieved – looking your best on the big day – the healthy behaviours are often completely abandoned. This is such a shame. You’ve put a lot of effort into achieving something you desire and then you let it go. Now it could be you are really only concerned about looking and feeling a certain way on your wedding day – and that is your choice to make. However, before you put in all that effort to undergo a bit (or a lot) of a makeover for your special day, ask yourself:

What would I really like to achieve? What do I really want?

It’s your life so make sure the goal truly matches what you want. If what you really want feels a bit scary or you’re not sure you can achieve it, let that be okay for now. Simply know where there’s a will, there is a way. Take the time to find out what your heart desires and let any mind limitations take a snooze for a moment.

Read over the following statements and see how you feel:

  • “I am xx kilos for my wedding. I look and feel wonderful; I have an amazing day and easily and enjoyably sustain my results.”
  • “I am my best self for our wedding and future married life.”
  • “I enjoy discarding my excess weight for my wedding and easily sustain my healthy, lean body.”
  • I create and embed healthy habits to achieve my target weight and body size for my wedding day and the rest of my life.”

Each of these goal statements includes you sustaining your results. Could that be what you really want?

If you choose to use your wedding day as a milestone date in a lifetime of looking after your health, that’s a different goal from simply losing weight for your wedding. As a weight loss coach, I’ve had clients with both types of goals.

Seeking sustainable results

If you want ongoing success, you must stay away from prolonged, extremely low-calorie diet plans. These are unhealthy, unsustainable and virtually guarantee rebound weight gain. Punishing weight-loss regimes can easily lead your body and mind to rebel once the big day is over, leading your weight to yo-yo.

Are you really okay about putting the weight back on?

If the answer is “no”, be sensible in the selection of your weight loss program. No crazy stuff, okay?

Set the right goal

One of the most important aspects of successful long-term weight loss is making sure you set the right goal and use an effective goal statement.

Your goal and goal statement must:

  1. Be realistic. You probably know your target weight. Make sure it is realistic and that it can be achieved healthily in the timeframe available.
  2. Include a vision of sustained results. As you imagine achieving your goal, see yourself looking fabulous for your wedding and then continuing to live at a healthy weight for the rest of your life.
  3. Be pleasure-filled. Make sure you see yourself enjoying living in your lean, healthy body because if it’s not pleasurable, you won’t find your goal inspiring enough to achieve.

For more information about setting a powerful, motivating weight loss goal for your wedding day, download the free Motivation Manual from my website:

Until next time


Victoria Morrison

Weight Loss Success Coach at Weight Loss Mind Coaching
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