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Life and Business: Your 5 Year Vision


Whether you’re planning goals or bringing to life a Vision for your business, a five year working plan can be a useful way to bring your personal or business goals together into a context that will help you understand how it fits together and also how it affects all those with a stake in  it.

Engage The Stakeholders

We don’t achieve anything significant without help. That audacious vision that we want to bring to life will have others who need to help. They could be family, customers, suppliers, friends, employees, in fact depending on the context there can be a whole lot of people who will be affected and whose help we’ll need to make it happen.

Having well defined goals and objectives makes them more achievable. You can’t get what you can’t identify. You can’t achieve what you don’t recognize and aim for. So it makes sense to explore the different facets that will make up your completed vision to achieve by the end of that five year period.

Personal Goals Planning For Five Year Plan. 

If you are planning goals for your life, it’s vital to make sure you cover off on all the areas of your life, not just one facet and ignore the other things that make a life worthwhile.

So you would set your important goals in a range of areas. For example:

  • Family and Relationships
  • Contribution to Community
  • Self Education
  • Spirituality – whatever that means to you.
  • Business or Career
  • Financial Health
  • Health and Fitness
  • Recreation, Play and Free Time

When you create well formed outcomes for these areas you are on your way to a full life with some balance and good ecology. No point getting one goal – Like money – if it means you lose something else that you value. Like relationships.

Before you get to the stage of ensuring that your goals are written correctly with positive language and satisfying the conditions that ensure they are well-formed, start with some note paper and just write down all the things that you would like to be happening in your life now – as it will be five years from now.  The more detail you can bring to paint your word picture the better.

Business Vision – Five Year Plan

Just as in your personal goals, your five year vision for your business is one that you need to be able to sell to those who will help you make it happen. And you need to buy it too, if it is to be.

Your business vision should show the same things that cover all the areas of your business and those with a stake in your success. It should show What’s In It For Me – for:

  • Your employees
  • Your customers
  • Your suppliers
  • Your bank manager!
  • What you want the business to run like
  • What you sell
  • Who you sell it to and why they want it
  • Where you business will operate
  • How people will buy from you
  • Financial steps that ensure the business is running effectively
  • Incentives
  • Culture  you will create and condition of morale you want to see
  • Alignment of your values that you say are important and the actions that happen in the business
  • For you

Mind mapping is a great way to start with your vision. You want this to be compelling and to drive your enthusiasm and motivation – and that of  your team.

A Great Business Vision Looks Like This And Covers Everything 

Here is a great example of a well articulated vision created by the home wares store Ikea.  Use this as a model and notice how extensive and concise it is. That conciseness helps the vision to be articulated and shared as an idea with others.  And shows it is feasible, doable,  well thought-out, and will help you step up as leader in your business.

From you five year plan, you can produce a one year plan to work with and attack those issues that need to be done to get the plan off and running and while you work through those issues your five year working plan for your Vision can fuel your work and give you a clear focus on what you’re working for on the way through.

And that’s the secret of good goals and good planning. Having a system to work through, and getting out of your own way. Forget the excuses. Just get on with it and make it a blast!

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