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Keeping The Learnings

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Today I got the call via Twitter from a local radio announcer – “Explain Leonard Cohen For Those Who Don’t Get It.”

As I made some notes I later posted to my blog – read it here – on this I got to thinking about the different way that people approach … well, everything.

My observations on Leonard Cohen were not much about his singing which needs no explanation, just enjoyment and more than that, the lessons that I have chosen to draw from his songs and his manner of being in the world. His songs themselves a distillation of his own experience in the world, filtered through the poet’s eyes over his lifetime.

Every experience that we are exposed to, every event that we witness, has the potential for us to draw on the lessons that we can take away from it. But often we fail to do that and miss the chance to strip away the fluff from the core of the experience so that we may use this in future to make sense of the world. It is these accumulated learning that help us to deal with situations that are difficult or unfamiliar and allows us to build resilience in the face of sorrow or new challenges.

In one of those old clichés let me suggest another kind of set. Perhaps there are two kinds of people. The first kind those who look for knowledge and to learn from experiences  – not just our own but those of others too. The other kind those who can’t be bothered, don’t have a sense of inquisitiveness or prefer to not test their own assumptions and rapidly move on without extracting the essence of the experience.

Approach Life With An Open Mind

Some thoughts you can try on.

  1. Every thing that happens to us is an opportunity to learn.
  2. When we revisit our experience, even the most difficult to think about, we can leave the hurt behind and keep the lesson.
  3. When we don’t keep the lesson from the experience – be it good or bad – we have lost the value intrinsic in that experience.
  4. What happens to us just happens to us. It does not define our identity.
  5. If we don’t understand why things happen as they do, it’s okay to let time reveal what it will. There is no time limit on learning – unless you close the door to the learning.  Leave it open.
  6. Beware falling in love with the meanings that you ascribe to what happens to you.  Try them on. But don’t get attached to their meanings.
  7. Learnings that will help you are those that open up possibility for you.  Any meanings that you ascribe to events that shut down opportunity are not the real learning.   Keep your mind open.
  8. Look for people who are excellent in the way they do something and model them.
  9. Challenge your assumptions. In every case.
  10. When you think you have a bead on what has happened – go to another perceptual position and see what it looks like from there.  See it as others involved would see it through their eyes with their history.  Compare versions. What did you miss? What might they miss seeing?  What might someone else again see the same event?
  11. Once you have an idea of what the learning is that you have gained from an event, think of ways that you might bring this to bear in new challenges.
  12. Our beliefs are very often not aligned with our present conditions. Seek to align your beliefs with your competencies and understanding of events around you. Be willing to change your beliefs if they are not assisting you to progress to a better life and allowing you to feel the confidence  you can rightly feel, when you build the skills you can acquire to be an example of excellence in your own style.
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Lindy Asimus

Lindy Asimus

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