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Is everything all about terror?

The Soul Agent speaks…

For August the British news is full of stories that are not about the feel good factor don’t you think? Yes, we have seen new official pictures of HRH baby George and that is where the Guardian newspaper disappointed me. Plain mean about HRH Baby George’s mummy and daddy’s teeth. Everyone know that baby is born into royalty and if you think that is an excuse to be mean, unkind and imagine for a second they are trying to pretend that they are one of us, then the reporter is the only one confused.

However I am not here to discuss politics of a royal baby, class and privilege are not in the hands of those with money is all I want to say on that for now.

photo credit: h.koppdelaney via photopin cc

photo credit: h.koppdelaney via photopin cc

I am more in adoration of how the Guardian is championing the case of David Miranda, partner of Guardian journalist who was held by airport authorities under the Anti-terrorism Act. To be honest it is highly unlikely that you will have not heard of this story so I am not going to go into details but you can read up on it here.

In contrast there are two British girls who have been arrested and now charged with drug trafficking offences in Peru. They claim they were bullied into being ‘mules.’ It is difficult to know but I have seen ‘Banged Up Abroad’ and they may well be in for a grim future for getting entangled in something so dodgy.

What is the connection?

Both issues for me are about terrorism.

Miranda held on what is increasingly appearing as woolly, could he, maybe, let’s see what we can find out and please the USA with, about his connection to leaked documents that might be in the wrong hands used by terror organisations. This is even though the USA say they didn’t authorise a request that he be held – glad they aren’t claiming involvement as for now I want to not comprehend the lack of jurisdiction or not the USA has in the UK, yet the influence is way too much for my liking!

I wonder though does that mean everyone working at the Foreign office, their partner, family or closest friends are also potentially able to be held for nearly the full 9 hours or less under the guise of you might know something and in case you do we need to hold you?

As for the girls, well most drug cartels fund terror and let’s face it we have war on with drugs across the world. From the children who die growing the crops to the young and old who die doing the stuff and everyone in between. The terror placed by drugs and the contribution it makes to real terrorist organisations are not woolly, or maybe. Drugs money is a massive threat and contributor to militia and underground forces all around the world.

Yet in both situations there is a massive human rights issue. Terror and the link to drugs is ignored and the national media are almost on the verge of declaring the two girls in Peru national treasures. I won’t be surprised if there are T-shirts printed to free the Peru Two.

As for Miranda, well it is a very gravely and seriously reported issue. I just want to tell it how it is from my perspective. Whatever they thought he had, Miranda is not a terrorist or supplying terrorist organisations with information in any case. Nor did he have anything that they want. It’s not a fact, I know and that does not make me as some politicians have suggested, although not personally directed to me, someone who is perhaps on the side of terror. It makes me someone who is on the side of humanity and fairness. The systematic abuse of rights under the guise of terror while the world doesn’t fight drug cartels is something that is an embarrassment.

There is a relationship between both these cases. The girls may or may not have been bullied and maybe not form the start but I am not going to cast a judgment on them but they went willingly at some point. For what it is is worth they represent terror in my story alongside the British authorities who legitimately bully. I understand their case is complex but as much as that is true, the case of Miranda is simple his partner is a journalist that USA and UK governments are that keen on. This case is a real test of the abuse of terrorism legislation. We mustn’t let the government, any government dupe us. The threat of terror is not so great that we need to lose all sense and liberty.

Seems the issue of bullying and Bush-ism of you are either with or against us just hasn’t evolved and as a member of planet earth, yup I am going esoteric here, I do believe more of us need to be saying not on my watch. Stop the terror but don’t use it to take away civil liberties and line two girls up to be national heroes. They need to be treated within the laws of the country they have breached but beyond that they really broke the law. What did Miranda do maybe but not definitely?

Share your thoughts and comments below as being involved in the discussion is important.

Sarupa Shah



Sarupa Shah

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