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The Introvert Writer by Jamie Arpin-Ricci

Are you an introvert? Are you a writer? If you answered yes to both questions, then the Introvert Writer by Jamie Arpin-Ricci is the book for you. It’s a free Kindle book, but it offers some great tips. Use your introversion to become better at your craft. And learn the discipline needed to do the work. Usually people are advised to work on their weaknesses, so that they may become better at their craft. However, the focus is on your weaknesses. Yes, you want to improve on the things you do not do so well, but your primary focus should always on your strengths, the things you do well.

Note: Publishing 101: A First-Time Author’s Guide to Getting Published, Marketing and Promoting Your Book, and Building a Successful Career by Jane Friedman.

Strengths and Weaknesses of An Introvert Writer

introvert writerFocusing on strengths, you are able to work on your weaknesses. We grow exponentially when we focus on the things we are good at. Spend the time to develop your natural talents. To discover your strengths, the things you are good at, it makes sense to try many new things. Try, fail, try again, master new skills. Invest in your strengths, work on your weaknesses. To become the best writer, you can be, you have to honesty and accurately assess and address your strengths and weaknesses.

Introvert Strengths

Focus on depth: Introverts often focus on depth because of their capacity to reflect and think things through deeply.

Communicate well through writing: Writing is a solitary activity. And for introverts, it gives them the time and space to think and edit.

Introverts work well alone: It’s important to create the space and time to write.

Introvert Weaknesses

Overwhelmed by demands of marketing: To become a successful writer, you have to market your work. This means self-promotion and interacting with your readers.

Find it difficult to ask for help: Introverts tend to be self-reliant. Self-reliance will take you only so far. Therefore, learn to ask for help when you need it.

Dislike being associated with their brand: The best way to access more readers is to build your personal brand. Use your name as your brand and domain name.

As introverts, being able to discover your strengths and weaknesses, enable you to grow in confidence, and become a more successful and engaging writer. Although your key focus is on your strengths, knowing your weaknesses, allow you to explore the things that hold you back from becoming a better writer.

Making Space to Write

Create a physical space where you can write consistently. Negotiate with those you share space with, so you’ll not be disturbed while your write. There are times when you have to navigate through a distracting environment to honor writing commitments. Get rid of the distractions you can control such as phone and email.

You may need to get away to make space for your writing, so you can honor writing commitments. A writing retreat is one option. At a writing retreat, you get the time for focused writing. This is a working retreat. You also need the pauses in between writing to reflect and rejuvenate.

Break up the day:

  • Morning: Writing
  • Afternoon: Reading, research, and basic editing
  • Evening: Relaxing

To write well, you have to feed the mind. But you also have to make time for other people. Show an interest in what others are doing.

Introverts and the Writing Community

You have to connect with the broader writer community if you want to grow as a writer. You have to connect with others, even if it makes you uncomfortable. You can use social media platforms to make professional connections in the industry. If you engage – give and take – you’ll benefit. The best writers and experts share openly.

There are some great resources available to writers. The author mentions, How to Publish Your Book by Jane Friedman, an offering from The Great Courses. Another mention is Joanna Penn’s The Creative Penn podcast.

Introverts and Selling (Out)

A well-written but poorly-marketed book will never get the attention it deserves. When asked, what your book is about, be clear and confident when responding. People get excited when you share with clarity, passion and conviction.

Nail your elevator pitch to talk about your book. An in-person connection is longer-lasting and have more meaning than online connections.

  • Don’t be on every social media platform. Find the ones that work best for you.
  • Don’t be a walking ad. Use context when posting.
  • Pace yourself – be consistent when posting value added content.

The Introvert Writer and Self-Care

Learn to understand yourself and make self-care a priority.

  • Stay physically fit: Exercise keeps the mind sharp. Get your 10,000 steps in each day.
  • Eat well: Eating healthy coupled with exercise give you the energy to write well. Healthy eating habits. contribute to sharper attention.
  • Go to bed: Get enough sleep, so you’re rested.
  • Enjoy life: Take time to have fun.
  • Take planned breaks: Take vacations and long weekends. Even much shorter breaks can create distance from your writing.
  • Soul care: Take time for silence, centering, and listening.

Final Thoughts on The Introvert Writer

By following a few of the above tips, you are on your way to become your creative best. The Introvert Writer is worth the read.

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Avil Beckford

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