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Interview with @AnitaMoorjani…

Following on from my book review this is my interview with Anita…it was a conversation that flowed.

A thing that has struck me about Anita, even though she has quite a ‘far out’ story that is more than just a near death experience (NDE) it is about what she learned as a result and how it changed her life. When you meet Anita you realise that there is nothing but joy and there is nothing about her or her message that makes you feel like she is on a mission to ‘convert…’ I think this is so important as way too many of the spiritual community think they need to convert and that comes from a place where in truth they do not know their own self and are not comfortable with their own power.

Conversion is a control thing and when you are in control you are not in joy. There was no patronizing either of, I am special and ‘more’ than you. It was like meeting a very good friend, insightful, we gushed over our food together and had a lot of fun, well I did anyway!

The Anita I met is inspirational and it is infectious…and yes I see the use of that word and smile given her story.

Before the book Anita shared her story on a blog without publishing her full name. The story became viral and that is how Wayne Dyer found her. Wayne championed Anita to Hay House USA where now Anita sits in their hall of fame as a successful, New York Times #1 best-selling author.

While in the blogging phase of her journey Anita was inundated with people asking her questions and sharing their stories of their ill health.  Although that was and is for anyone an energy drainer, it was that which helped Anita dig deeper about her story and experience. It was the catalyst for what became her book.

I often say look for the good and this just shows that what we might write off as not what we want has something good for us and in this Anita shared that rather than let this energy pull her down she found a way to harness the goodness to help even more people.

I asked Anita how the medical world took to her as it was as her blog going viral that helped oncologists come across her work.

Anita: “I have had both types those that say it is an anomaly; the Doctors must have misdiagnosed you. Over four years? They don’t know the condition I was in. I have also had a lot of Doctors who have been very interested in my story.”

In Anita’s book she shares how one oncologist flew from the USA to Hong Kong to meet with her and scrutinize her health records. His outcome was that by all accounts you “should be dead”.

I had to stop Anita when she said “I should be dead…” as her whole energy changed. It didn’t drop but it became so solid and powerful and it was as if saying those words lifted her energy and helped her reclaim more of herself. It was like her eyes took on a depth like they could see more than what was in front of them. It is quite hard to explain in words as I just saw it, like an opening. When I asked her what saying those words felt, this was her response:

Anita: “I never get used to saying that. It feels empowering. Whenever I am reminded of that it makes me feel really empowered. Whenever I speak of that I feel ‘wow’ we are invincible as people. There is a part of me that thinks ‘gosh’ I wish everybody knew this. I feel almost like it isn’t my job to heal people, but I feel this need to articulate what happened, so people don’t have to go through what I went through.”

Me: “But some people are meant to die….?”

Anita:  “If they die it is fine. What I want to alleviate for people is the fear I felt about dying. The fear I felt before getting cancer. I am not fearful of death. I am not even fearful of cancer.”

I had to ask Anita if her soul conspired that it was your path to get cancer again, would you be scared. I guess I was really trying to understand and see her response as can you truly not fear and love. Some people detach but that is a form of fear when you stay connected and don’t fear that is love. Anita repeated again that she was not fearful of cancer. I believed her and in that moment I connected to my own fear about cancer and realised I didn’t need to have that fear. I was being shown something else was possible if I was willing to allow it.

I was beginning to understand more how the NDE experience gave Anita a new way to respond to life.

While Anita shares that fear living was a reason she got cancer, and that is her story as she is often asked then why do enlightened people get cancer. Personally I don’t believe that there are many people who are enlightened walking the planet, not a criticism or judgement just an observation and my understanding from my own work. We are moving towards enlightenment and that is a good thing. Enlightenment from what I have learned is when we release the soul and live through our spirit and that takes a certain level of work and spiritual maturity. However, differences aside we discussed the fear of cancer that is part of mass consciousness. While it is in mass consciousness it impacts on the whole until such time you have transcended mass consciousness.

Personally I also know that there is an increase in cancer because it is a releasing of cancer karma that is taking place too, so there are those who volunteer from a spiritual basis while at the same time have the opportunity to contribute to shifting the understanding about cancer and deal with their own re-balancing.

We talked about karma and karma gets a bad press as it is often misunderstood as a punishment. It is simply a cause and effect mechanism to restore balance. If you call it bad and a punishment it will live up that as what you affirm is always so.

After Anita’s NDE she knew she was cancer free, yet the hospital was talking of giving her chemo and still treating her as if she had cancer. However her experience made her feel “invincible” and although she would not choose chemo she felt let them (hospital) do what they want.

Invincibility as Anita and I discussed was about doing what you do without guilt and shame. People still ask Anita if they ‘should’ do chemo or go an alternative path and this is Anita’s response:

Anita: “I am not a medical Doctor, whatever you choose and do what feels right for you and surround yourself with people who are going to support your choice. What you don’t want is to follow one path and have people around you saying you should be doing something else. That is what I had to deal with!”

We both did pause over the fact that when cancer is present everyone else is an expert and how people like to think because you have cancer you are interested in their ailments. Like they feel if they share what is ‘wrong’ with them it makes you the same. It is the sympathy issue which is a heavy energy and spiritually speaking sympathy not only lowers your energy but it makes you part of the problem you wish to support and resolve, as I have shared many times before.

I was interested to know what Anita would say to those of us who have people we love who are with cancer, watching someone deteriorate and become so unwell with the disease that is so often a death sentence.

Anita: “Be uplifting. I would tell people, crack jokes, make them laugh. Bring chocolates. Listen to music that makes them happy. And as far as that persons illness allows them to move and go out and if it is not debilitating yet, take them out. Take them out of the illness environment. The worst place to be is hospital.”

I get this as hospitals are such an unhappy place mostly, a place you come when you are ill bar a few joyous moments. It creates a mindset of sickness.

Anita: “When people are sick they need to focus on everything that is not illness. They need to go out and look at nature and be by the seaside. Go shopping. Be decadent and have fun and immerse themselves in physical life. Be with the people they love. Do what they value and treasure. When we become ill we suddenly become obsessive about the illness. What I tell people don’t focus on the illness, focus on what brings you joy.”

Sound advice I think, do you?

I asked Anita what she meant by joy as she refers to this a lot in her book and her work now. This is where Anita and I perhaps are just seeing something differently as Anita saw joy as an emotion, whereas I see it as a constant spiritual state of being. Our spirit knows no emotion as that is what the personality created to process what it felt it couldn’t when the separation happened. Often people confuse joy with a state of atonement which is fear based. Be happy or else…

Anita described what joy is…

Anita: “The feeling that all is well in the world. And there is an absence of fear.  People are conditioned to make their choices out of a fear of consequences.

Whenever we do anything like eat healthy food we are doing it out of fear. We fear and make decisions for fear of consequence of not doing it. This is the same as when we often do things for others, we fear not looking good in the eyes of society, our family or our culture. It is a conditioning of a fear of failing. We are constantly sending ourselves the message we aren’t good enough unless we do something. We fear we have to please. We fear we have to not fail. We fear we need to prove ourselves. These feelings are fear based.

Fear is used in religion, in health in schooling. People go for medical check-ups because they fear.”

In her book Anita talks about universal consciousness and connecting to that as it is love based, whereas mass consciousness is fear based. While the NDE was the catalyst that burst Anita out of mass consciousness, she doesn’t suggest we all need to have an NDE to experience universal consciousness. Can you imagine…!

To connect to universal consciousness Anita suggests and these are her words…

Whenever I am making a choice, a decision I ask myself. Why am I making this choice? Is it out of fear or is it out of love.  So in other words is it because I love and value myself, my life and those of the people around me or do I fear the consequences?”

This is a good question to ask, to understand what drives you fear or love!

To put this into context Anita used the example of, are you staying with your partner because you love him or because you fear being alone…?

That said I know if you realise it is fear of being alone, then once you have exposed it you can accept it as once you accept something then you take fear out of it…it stops having a fear based hold on you.

Anita and I laughed about the term NDE, near death experience. I wanted to call it, nearly done enlightenment and she calls it a new life experience, NLE. Near Death Experience does have a bit of a ‘dun dun dun’ feeling to it, would you agree?

Yet even in NDE’s Anita’s experience was not the norm, as there was no white light and there is much information on how in truth when it comes to death, or in the case of Anita, near death, the experience will be what you have put faith in. From my understanding and discussions with my spirit team they say they do this because it would be too much of a shock and too much like conversion to take away what people believe happens. You know that saying, what you believe is what you perceive?

Anita describes this as you will receive and see what you need to get to the next stage.

What was really interesting when I read the book, you couldn’t help but wonder how much was written for the ‘book.’ We know even spiritual publishers are prone to exaggeration for the sake of sales. Let’s not pretend. I think when I was off to meet with Anita I was wondering what kind of ‘polished’ Hay House author I would meet. I couldn’t have been further from the truth.

The openness, and simplicity in which Anita shares and talks certainly was not captured as magnificently in the book. There was never a ‘must’ or ‘should’ and I will be honest I recently saw another big spiritual teacher talking about converting people with kindness…smiling at the grumpy check out operator for example, that made me feel icky as you can smile but why do it with a need to convert or a way that says my way is the best way to be…? Why make it about you if someone else chooses to be unhappy, grumpy or whatever?

Yet because Anita doesn’t have a desire to convert that is why her message is so powerful in my eyes. When you have no doubt about your message you can inspire, when you have doubt there is still that need to prove yourself which as Anita shares herself is fear driven.

Anita’s NDE or NLE as she calls it went further than a lot of people who report NDE experiences, she went beyond her own cultural limitations. This is why her story is so powerful it is like another piece of a jigsaw.

I was interested in why the medical field aren’t all listening and interested in what Anita experienced. Why aren’t cancer services taking her experience on board in some way?

Anita: “My book only came out last year and I have been so surprised at how many medics and Doctors back me up. I have had so many oncologists who say they recommend my book to their patients. My own oncologist will not come out in the public eye as he is very well respected in his field and doesn’t want to talk about this kind of shift and spiritual stuff, but in the background he completely supports me and he got me on the board of the university in Hong Kong.

In terms of the actual structure of the cancer industry, it is a huge billion $$$ industry, lives depend on it. Not the lives of those with cancer only but the lives of those who work in the pharmaceutical industry.”

Odd about her oncologist…but it is his/her choice yet there is something amiss there for me.

This was an interesting observation as often all you hear is judgment on how everyone else is wrong. It was so refreshing to hear about the fact that change will take some time as to do it over night in any industry causes harm to those who operate within that industry.

So my next question to Anita was how do you make the change without writing off an industry overnight?

Anita: “I don’t believe in fighting against them. I don’t fight against people or things I don’t believe in. I just show a different way.”

I asked what about those who think you are a bit ‘cuckoo…’

Anita: “my message is just not for them and I walk away. I don’t fight or prove to them anything. I am not trying to be a guru or start a new religion. Those that need to hear what I say will hear it.”

You just couldn’t do anything other than believe Anita, she doesn’t have anything to prove.

Anita spoke a lot of about joy and then freedom. This was shared in the context of religion. While spiritual communities are a good thing, there is a case however when indoctrination and dogma is introduced. Or when spiritual or religious communities become exclusive they are no longer free and simply have begun to operate from fear. This makes sense when you think of some of the hate that is spouted under the banner of religion by a few. Yet this is fear, which manifests as control.

Anita: “Every problem in the world is because of fear. We are conditioned to fear. We are not born this way. We condition our children to fear. We think fear will keep them safe. It doesn’t. Love keeps them safe. When you love yourself and love your life you make sure you do not put yourself in the path of danger. But we, the parents seem to instill fear in their kids. It isn’t anyone’s fault because it is the way we have all been conditioned.”

While there is so much about religion which Karl Marx so eloquently described as the opiate of the people, it was an observation about the limitations of religion which I know are a very emotive subject for some.

Me: “In your book you talk about bliss. Bliss, nirvana, oneness, enlightenment or similar…seems to be a place that all conscious seekers and probably more are trying to find. Can you describe it more? ”

I am going to use this as a place to stop to let you digest and you can get to read part 2 next week…for now share what this part of the interview has stirred for you. What have you learned? What more questions do you have?

Please do comment and share this post…!

Sarupa Shah

Sarupa Shah

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