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"If you don’t want trouble, don’t cross me…!"

The Armchair Guru speaks…

Here’s the scene…couple married for 26 years. One of them happened to be a minister in the UK government not that long ago.  About 10 years ago before any ministerial position had been taken his car was caught speeding. Not sure why but I guess he, Chris Huhne, Liberal Democrat Party member thought it would be a bad thing to fess up, so his wife pretended she was driving the car.

photo credit: storem via photopin cc

photo credit: storem via photopin cc

That was that…well until he decided to leave his wife for another woman.

(You can gasp now…and call him a rat if you like but as you read on you can drop that judgment as the plot gets thicker…)

Obviously, well I say that but not everyone is upset if their partner leaves them for another, some feel like they have been set free…but not this Mrs Huhne. This Mrs Huhne wanted revenge. She wanted to hurt him and did all she can to set the wheels in motion about the speeding incident back in 2003, when she took the fall for her husband. An act of love, now exposed for the illegality of his and her actions because the love was no more.

The law was broken, I don’t dispute that. Mr. Huhne left his wife, horrid as that was for her, these things do happen and it is not just men that leave partners.

Of course the ex-Mrs Huhne herself admits that she broke the law citing marital coercion. I can’t help but feel doubtful about that, sorry if you think that is cynical.

Consequentially Mr. Huhne resigned from government when the allegations first broke and now that he has admitted to perverting the course of justice he has resigned as an MP.

There is just so much here…trust and faith in members of parliament. The lack of integrity and double standards they have as they make law while breaking it easily and without conscience.

But that is old news…

The bit that stands out to me is the revenge element. Ex Mrs- Huhne wanted blood and she got it albeit metaphorically.

It’s not healthy behaviour and in my view she is coming across as a bit of villain, well as much as he is. Of course Chris Huhne had a lot more to loose and he has lost his career.

Does this mean that anything you do in a relationship is up for grabs if and when you get hurt? Is this the behaviour of a grounded, responsible woman…? Falling out of love is not unusual but wanting revenge so publicly is more bizzare and not something I would recommend for anyone to get into.

It’s an energy that is harmful to yourself; it is the same as being consumed with hate. It is unhinged and it is perpetuating the hurt that caused you to want revenge to start with.

The fact was they both broke the law…together. They did this when they loved each other…was ex Mrs Huhne right at any point…and was Mr. Huhne right to be punished for falling out of love and into love with someone else?

What do you think? Has ex Mrs Huhne let women down by making women appear as bunny boilers, once scorned or has she cleared her record at a great cost for a man who was effectively an abuser…thought he was more important than his then wife.

I would love to know what you think, because this story in February a month with valentines just shows me the sour side of love…!




Sarupa Shah

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