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How to drink yourself skinny!

Imagine no calorie counting and no carb watching!

For well over 50 years meal replacement shakes have been an easy and convenient way to lose weight.


Well one good reason is that they work and the weight stays off.

Meal replacements come in a basic form such as Slim fast, Boots and Atkins and they have about 200 calories per serving and include a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals and you can usually replace one or two meals a day with them as they’re incredibly convenient and come as ready to drink cans or in powder packets that can be mixed with milk or water.

Scientific tests have shown that people who consume two or three MRPs a day lose 7-8% of their weight after one year. That’s about 1st or 6.8kg for a 14st person which in comparison to trying to eat less compares to about 3% per year weight loss.

Tests conducted over a 10 year period at Harvard medical school with groups of people wanting to lose weight have shown that when people reached their target weights the MRP people kept the pounds off by simply replacing one meal per day with a shake, the other half returned to their “normal” eating patterns and on average gained 1st 11lbs or roughly 11kg.

You have to remember that there’s nothing “magical” about shakes. Weight loss is a simple function of calories in, calories out.

As an example if you swap your cheese sarnie, crisps and a drink (600 calories) for slim fast (217) calories you’ll still feel as full but lose weight!

I’m not advocating for one second that you stop eating all solid foods and immediately start drinking your calories but as a great way to start and maintain your weight loss programme I’d definitely say give it a go!

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Best wishes Garth.

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