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How I filled my workshop!

It is so exciting to be back at ‘work’ and not on holiday. I love holidays but I love work so for me the lines are blurry and I am a big believer in doing what the …. I like when I like.

Enough about my philosophy on life for today and let’s get sentiments out of the way, Happy 2014!

What a year so far…okay 9 days and so far so good. Seriously though there is something exciting about the energy of this year and I said in a previous post here on Birds, 2014 has a go getting energy. Now what that means is despite what is happening or not as the case may be, you staying focussed on what you desire and keeping your frequency AKA mindset, actions, thoughts and behaviours aligned is necessary. Meltdowns, panics, being driven by fear and opting to be small and safe, but not successful is going to land you in chaos and more drama than you could shake a stick at.

Image courtesy of jscreationzs

Image courtesy of jscreationzs

It’s as if we now need to implement life times of knowledge and really stay on track with the truth that life is about fun, abundance and everything that seems to appear to knock us down is an illusion.

A good question is not WHY but ‘okay I am here, this is the situation, what can I do even if I can’t see the big picture, WHAT one small step can I take to shift my energy from being stuck?

The reason I am sharing this is because towards the end of last year I followed an intuitive hunch to create live event, Manifest your Highest Vision here in London and I chose The Ritz. Probably one of the most luxurious and iconic hotels in the world!

I don’t do anything by half measure. There was a reason more than just the appearance, I have a big thing about events being held in venues that support the goals and aims of what is to be delivered. I remember in my younger years attending spiritual development workshops in poky cold rooms and I used to think, nothing abundant here…a bit of an oxymoron really.

Even now many business events choose the most ‘out of town’ hotels with very murky facilities and are effectively hotels for people on the road, rather than people who have come for a transformational experience.

This is partly why The Ritz was right, the other part for why it was right was because the energy fitted with me, my work and by energy I mean the unseen stuff. It is a hotel with a lot of history.

Yet a week before Christmas I was feeling a little lonely with the low numbers of sign ups. Wanting to eat my own words and be authentic, I let that need to panic fly away and decided to look for some help on this and direction and who better than Bird’s own Daphne Bousquet.

I listened to one of Daphne’s free webinars and then got my hands on her Butts in Seat 2.0 Virtual Bootcamp.

I wasn’t putting my eggs in the Bootcamp basket at first but I was intrigued as the seminar had turned a few light bulbs on and I was, although trying to stay of that energy quietly slipping into a, oh I did this workshop too early. One of my intuitive gifts is to see what is possible and sometimes I forget to ask timescales as I get too excited too early!

Ever the positive and loving the challenge (but universe if you are listening I told you about me, you and challenges already… right?) I started on Daphne’s Butts in Seat 2.0 Virtual Bootcamp.

How my workshop went from mediocre to buzzing….!

I started at the beginning then jumped around a bit and listened again to classes. Something rather amazing started to happen.

  • I had forgotten how much I love learning business from people who genuinely know what they are talking about and not just regurgitating something they learned from someone else and pretend it is their own work. I now have Sarah and Daphne firmly in my team.
  • After listening to module 1 and 2 pretty much back to back, module 3 which was about crafting a registration page was when I decided to implement the changes to my already established page. Funnily I had never been happy with my registration page but it was a case of done was better than not. As I implemented, within 24 hours I got a new booking. I was impressed.
  • I carried on working through the Bootcamp and got clearer on some marketing and it wasn’t run of the mill, it wasn’t the same stuff you have heard, it was solid, clever stuff that others have probably tried to impart but never as well as Daphne when it comes to live events. Well not for me anyway. The approach I took was to create some YouTube videos – called ‘Selfies’ – which in this case for me were unscripted, unplanned and on the hoof. My 1st selfie relating to my event resulted in 2 more sign ups. You can imagine I was proper impressed by now. I was learning something that worked. I was being inspired and all good coaches, teachers and mentors are here to do just that, wouldn’t you agree?
  • Then Christmas came in and I have never been a believer in people stop spending over the holidays and the bookings kept coming in, and in and this week alone I had 5 people sign up. In fact I only have 4 spots available.

Did I ever think I would fill my workshop, of course I wouldn’t have organised to deliver it. Did I know I would fill it however, probably was seriously wobbling but I know we do things to learn so I remain open to continue following my intution.

Event marketing is not the same as blog marketing, common themes but you have to think differently and Daphne’s Butts in Seat Bootcamp 2.0 was SO perfect and 100% delivered what it said on the tin.

I know everybody likes their tea a different way, but if you want to get into live events and they don’t have to be at The Ritz…they could be anywhere, heck I would have some at my house if it was a big enough, the thing is you want to maximise your chances for filling your event. It would be self-sabotage not to.

I recommend that this month you get hooked up with Daphne and don’t do the crappy thing of not in January, or say my money is already committed. If you want a live event any time in 2014 then start now, I wish I had started earlier but foolishness and maybe stubbornness stopped me and hindsight is of course a wonderful thing.

Now I know best in my life as you do in yours, but getting help for something you want to do is a wise move.

Daphne  I want to say thank you to you publicly for your work, it really has blown me away and I see me returning to it often to ‘brush’ up as live events are here to stay for me…!

Click here to check out Butts in Seat Bootcamp 2.0

If you want to tread like I did and get hooked to Daphne’s work following her complimentary webinar then click here…but don’t think you got the full solution there, you will have to invest money as well as time if you want full live events!

(Both are affiliate link for Birds and any proceeds should you purchase go to our girls in Uganda)

And here is one of my selfie videos, the one that Sarah mentioned in her email to you the other day (if you aren’t on the email list for Birds, why not…?) I was at my mums in the middle of cooking and the urge came and out came the iPhone…


Sarupa Shah

Are you going to come to The Ritz, London on January 17th?

Sarupa Shah

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