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Helping teenage girls to get REAL

A guest post by Lara Williams

A new revolution has arrived – one that will change the way girls and young women think and feel about themselves. It’s the REAL revolution, recently launched by me, Dorset (UK) based business woman Lara Williams.

Too many girls are growing up believing that happiness and success come from behaving in a certain way, and/or achieving perfection in their education and appearance. For those who don’t measure up the future can appear bleak, with so many striving to become something or someone they are not.

The media has a huge influence on our girls. The television programmes they watch, websites they visit, magazines they read, and the social networking sites they use … all of these are constantly bombarding girls with influential messages that place them under pressure to look and behave in a certain way.

In an increasingly pressurised and competitive education system, girls are feeling under more pressure than ever to succeed academically. With targets and deadlines, a constant round of homework, regular tests, end-of-term and end-of-year exams – the pressure is certainly on.

So how can girls relieve the pressure? I believe they need to get REAL.

REAL is a way of life. My new venture Love the REAL You, born out of my concern for the number of young girls with low confidence and poor self esteem in today’s society, teaches girls to get REAL through the REAL principles…

Respect, Embrace, Accept & Love the REAL you.

When girls are being REAL they have the courage to respect themselves and say no to the things they know deep down inside are not right for them. They embrace opportunities that come their way, by leaving their comfort zone and stepping out from the crowd. They accept responsibility for their lives, instead of blaming others when things don’t work out. They show themselves love by eating a balanced diet, taking exercise, doing things they enjoy and spending time with people who make them feel good.

When girls strive to become someone or something they’re not, they are not being REAL and are destined for unhappiness. This leads to a cocktail of negative emotions such as sadness, frustration, anger, resentment and in some cases even depression. This isn’t right.

REAL happiness and success come from being REAL.

If you’d like to learn more about the principles of REAL, grab your FREE download at

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