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Growing Your Business: Learning from a Guru!

I’d originally written this post to follow on from the tips I’d picked up on Rich Shefren’s ‘From Frustration to Freedom’ – aka How to Get a Successful (Online) Business – a 2-hour webinar I’d set aside to view and learn from on Wednesday morning. I’ll still cover the main points but there’s (to me, anyway) an even more interesting and unexpected ‘bonus’ that you’ll see in the (rather long but informative) PS at the bottom of this post. By the way, it’s worth reminding ourselves that this guy is not only an online marketing guru, he’s also built successful terrestrial businesses prior to that.

The first part, ‘Play where you can win’ you’ve already seen – or you can go to by clicking on the link.

Sadly though, even we believe we’re ‘playing where you can win’ it doesn’t help if the money isn’t pouring in and we’re having wobbles about whether the market really wants, appreciates and will pay for our offer.

Well that’s not surprising because 96% of businesses fail within the first 10 years and 90% of those failures are down to the lack of skills and knowledge of the business owner. We won’t even go down the route of not being sure what your strengths are and if you’re playing to them…

Pay attention here because this is A Clever Little Device 😉

To help us decide where our business is (as opposed to where we want it to be) we get a Rate Your Business Acumen Based on Your Current Performance chart.

It goes helpfully from 1 (studied a lot, done nothing, no money) all the way up to 10 (the business is growing without you, you’re financially free and living the life of Riley). The clever part is that anyone between a 1 and an 8 (business growing , making good money but really you have a full time job with weekends off) is a self-identified potential client… and anyone who’s a 9 or 10 probably isn’t watching this webinar anyway…  Next we come to:

Only Work on What’s Essential to Your Success

And if we’re unsure of what these might be the way he suggests we uncover them is to ask ourselves:

  1. What do your prospects need to believe (about your offer) that would make buying a ‘no brainer’?
  2. Why wouldn’t they buy?
  3. Why wouldn’t they buy right now?

I’ll skip through the because if you don’t know what those bits are you need to go back to the drawing board, maybe talk to a successful business person and ask his or her advice, pay for a mentor, tutor, coach, whatever, because to my mind the answers aren’t here… though of course they may well be in the paid for package…

There was a section on identifying obstacles and how to turn them around and state them as goals that was quite nifty and then we were into his third ‘pillar…

Achieve Speed of Execution

Again I’ll skim this part because it’s all about the need for efficient and effective Processes (or Systems) and Projects and Project Management skills.

I was gobsmacked that W Edward Demming got a blink-and-you-miss-it reference, with only his quote:

“If you can’t describe what you’re doing as a process, you don’t know what you’re doing”

And a sentence about his influence in the success of post World War II Japanese production success (especially in the automotive industry), with processes, systems and methods that are still used to this day…

The ‘training’ ended up with a comparison of false beliefs that create failure and true beliefs that cause success 🙂

My verdict?

This is where these, otherwise sometimes literally fabulously valuable webinars/ teleseminars, can take you to the point where you can see, almost touch and feel your business heaven, then leave you hanging: They’ve helped you clarify your destination, named and described some of the staging posts but they’re not going to give you a free guide or ride there. And, to be honest, why should they?

They invested time and money to get where they are and they’re offering shortcuts for those who don’t have the time to maybe go down the blind alleys and make the same mistakes they did.

So I’d say there’s three key areas I’d look at

  1. Decide whether the style of the presenter/ trainer ‘gels’ with you – If this is a guru who only works with others who want to become gurus in their respective fields is he or she the right person for you?
  2. Look at what’s on offer – the investment of time as well as money that would be required to make it work for you
  3. What is the level of one-to-one or one-to-group support on offer – accountability, support and brainstorming are worth their weight in gold over and above the skill sets being shared

What are your experiences and what would you add?

PS As promised at the beginning, here’s the update:

I‘d allocated two hours for this experience and, though the offer was by now being heavily promoted it didn’t ‘cut to the chase’ quick enough – it was only on description of Module 3 and going strong when I ducked out.

In the evening I had a quick look at the replay but that was set up so you couldn’t skip forward or backtrack and I wasn’t prepared to invest a further 2+ hours just to get to what the deal was. 🙁

Next morning an early email from Rich Shefren’s set up asked me if I’d been disconnected from the webinar as, apparently some people had. And get this bit:

“The replay video player has full fast forward and rewind controls, so you can start the video at the point where you stopped, and easily continue.”

…Just as well because from where I’d left off right to the end (nearly 3 hours) was sell, sell, sell!

But my main point here is: I don’t know how sophisticated his viewer monitoring and tracking system is – pretty much so, I’d guess – and just look at the swift and decisive action taken to get walk-aways to know that they can safely come take another look-see!

That, I think, is impressive, and more than any of the rest demonstrates he knows his stuff! 🙂

Linda Mattacks

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