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Get your bust under control! The perks of a proper fitting bra!

Bouncing bra'sIn the run up to the festive season – if you want to look and feel great through parties and turkey cooking alike – get a well fitting bra! I know I am biased having run LessBounce, the sports bra company, for over a decade. But the difference such a small thing can make to your life!

A well fitting bra will make your clothes look better, as a result you look better! If you are a bit busty, having it well supported and in the right place, will balance the rest of your shape. If it fits well you also shouldn’t have to fiddle with it – it won’t rise up, the straps won’t fall down, you won’t pop out the top when you bend over – life in general becomes a lot more manageable!

So how do you reach this panacea? In my opinion bra fitting ain’t all it could be! Who really wants to be squeezed into something by a bossy sales assistant in a cold changing room? Particularly when, if you visit 3 different high street stores, you will have 3 different sizes fitted on you! I am a strong believer in education and knowing when a bra fits – so here are my 6 top tips!

6 Top tips!

  • Your bust should be in the bra – this sounds obvious – but if half your bust is hanging out the top of your bra it doesn’t fit. Most of us are wearing a bra with cups that are far too small. Most of us are not a 36B as we seem to believe – the average UK cup size is more like an E – don’t be scared to go up a cup size, and then another, and another until you are properly in! The fabric of the bra should smooth to your skin at the top
  • The band should not ride up – if it does – it is too big, get a smaller band! The band should be horizontal across your back. If you have managed to sort your cup as per my first point, then if you go down in the band, you will need to go up in the cup (e.g if you wear a 34D and the band is riding up, go down to a 32, but the cup will need to go up to a DD)
  • When you buy a new bra, it should fasten on the loosest hook – this is so it can be tightened over time as it will stretch with wash and wear (the only exception to this rule is for growing teenagers, or when newly pregnant, when room for growth is just common sense). A bra should not be loose, most of the support comes from it latching onto your rib cage – one finger max under band and in cup – if there is more room than that it is too big
  • If you like to wear a wire it should sit on the skin, not bulge away – if it is not comfortably against the skin try a larger cup size.
  • If you go for a fitting and the bra is uncomfortable, don’t buy it – even if the fitter tells you it’s a perfect fit – you won’t wear it and won’t be confident if you do. This is a particular issue with sport – your rib cage expands when your rate of breathing increases, so you need to be able to take big breaths in your new bra. And if you aren’t comfortable in the changing room – will you really want to spend any time training in it?
  • Finally bras like everything vary by manufacturer in their sizing – just because the nice lady fitter assured you that you needed this size – you may find in other brands you need something completely different. Arm yourself with the knowledge of what a bra should look like when it fits! Sports bras are my particular area of expertise – and we know they are manufactured to a completely different size curve to many leading lingerie brands (not helpful I know, but if you know at least you can shop with confidence!)

Selaine SaxbySo now you have this marvelous item of lingerie – please wear it well! I am a bit old fashioned, and do think your straps should be under your clothes not on display!

There are a host of lovely gadgets you can attach your bra to your clothes with, or strap decorations if you really can’t get it under – but the ladies of Downton Abbey I think really can teach us something about the etiquette of being smartly dressed.

And final tip

Wash with care! Underwired bras prefer to be handwashed – most of us don’t have time, but they won’t last as long if they are just washed on a general cycle. And please don’t put your bra in the tumble dryer – it won’t like it! But hopefully from this article, you will at least recognise when your bra is no longer fitting you well – and you can replace your cherished new best friend!

Our special guest today is:
Selaine Saxby
Founder & Managing Director

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