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Facebook Is The New Playground Bully

Over the weekend I was catching up on my weekly dose of drama, gossip, and friend catch up on Facebook when someone shared the above video with me. At first I thought it was just one if the many cover songs being done by young people on the Internet in the hope of finding fame and recognition, sadly I think I was very wrong.

What it ensued was a quirky song, written by two young girls detailing their disdain and dislike for private school girls. The lyrics although funny to some when listened to by others come across as spiteful and vindictive.

Is this the way that young people now express themselves? I have always been a huge fan of music, and being a child of the 80’s have followed all genres especially those that allowed us as teenagers to “express” our feelings about boys, school and parents. I however can not remember ever using a song to bully either an individual or group.

What I found most interesting after watching the video on Facebook was the multitude of comments that had been left by teenagers and adults alike. There was so much bitterness and rage from both those that agreed with the song and others who passionately felt it was wrong. At one point a young girl of 14 likened the use of social media and this particular song to the holocaust, she pointed out that the song had been listened to and affected 3000 people so far, all teaching them that being a private school girl was wrong and that we should not like them. Her point was that at the time of the Holocaust if 3,000 people had had access to social media, and a similar song was made about the hate for the Jewish then what impact would that have had.

After reading these comments it reiterated my belief that these videos, although imaginative, enterprising and musical are teaching our children how to have a voice, but not showing them how to use it in the best way. The amount of damage that is currently done by Cyber Bullying is tragic, just a few days ago a poor young girl had a Tweet Re-tweeted by Justin Bieber, this resulted in her receiving threats, abuse, disgusting, vile comments from other followers. At one point in our society did this become the norm, when did we stop teaching young people about right and wrong and when did we so willingly give the the tools to create such a bullying culture.

Charlotte Ball

Charlotte Ball is a leading specialist in enterprise within education, working closely with schools and colleges to create innovative programmes that fit in the national curriculum and provide young people with the skills needed to ensure a positive future. She develops qualifications, helps companies engage with youth and looks at ways to improve the UK justice system, focusing on enterprise and education for young offenders.
She is a regular key note speaker in the UK on business development, enterprise and education for both primary and Higher Education and a strong advocate for STEM.

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