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Every Successful Project Needs a Band of AmBUZZadors

But What the Heck is an AmBUZZador?

Prosperity's Kitchen Ambuzzador BadgeFor those not familiar with the Prosperity’s Kitchen story so far, what you need to know boils down to just this: Anything really worthwhile requires a team.

Hi there.

I’m Tea Silvestre, the Executive Producer of a new “‘reality show” called Prosperity’s Kitchen that will air online starting in January.

Think “Hell’s Kitchen” meets digital marketing and you’ve got the idea.

We’ll have 15 small biz contestants learning how to market themselves online while competing for a $10K prize package.

It’s an exciting project with a LOT of moving parts. Which is where the merry band of AmBUZZadors comes in…

A Rocky Start on the Climb Up the Mountain

This summer, I hit a bump in the marketing road when my business partner had to step down. What seemed like an enormous mountain of tasks when she was still on board, turned into the Mt. Kilimanjaro of marketing when she left.

To say I was quaking in my boots about having to do ALL of it myself was an understatement.

I was literally ready to throw in the towel.

But then I reached out to my network and the folks on my email list and told them I’d recently had –and recovered from – a meltdown of sorts. I shared the whole sordid and emotional mess with them.

Then I told them I’d recommitted myself to seeing this project through to the end. That it mattered that much.

And not just to me, but to small biz startups and solopreneurs everywhere.

What Happened Next Surprised Me

Almost immediately after sending that email, I started getting responses back…

“How can I help?” “I’m here for you, Tea — whatever you need just ask.”

Their messages gave me hope (and made me cry).

But most of all, they helped me understand this project meant something BIG to them, too.

So I borrowed an idea from Mike Michalowicz (the author of The Pumpkin Plan and The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur), and began to gather these folks into a team I nicknamed “The AmBUZZadors.”

See, earlier this year, I answered Mike’s call to help him promote his latest book. He called our little team his “Buzz Warriors” – and it was a great experience. He had 100 of his biggest fans lending their brains and social media networks to his cause. And it worked so well for him, I thought it just might work for Prosperity’s Kitchen, too.

So, I asked the most passionate folks I knew to step forward and help…

  • Share news about the project with their social media networks and/or email lists;
  • Participate in a private Facebook group for idea sharing and brainstorming purposes (which could also turn into good networking for them);
  • Pass along introductions to potential sponsors (if they knew any); and
  • Help me identify great non-cash prizes for our $10K package

In return, I offered them a page of their own on the Prosperity’s Kitchen website, a free seat in our Play-at-Home game; and my undying gratitude.

We’ve got 23 folks committed to the cause, going above and beyond what I’d hoped for, and helping me spread the mission and news for this project. Of course, there’s always room for more – so if you feel inspired by what we’re trying to accomplish, please reach out and let me know.

In the meantime, one of these AmBUZZadors, Birdy Diamond (you know her as the Roving Robin) has graciously agreed to help me tell the Prosperity’s Kitchen story here on Birds.

She’ll kick off our behind-the-scenes conversations next week with a few short interviews with fellow AmBUZZadors.

Stay tuned!


Tea Silvestre

As a marketing coach and consultant, Tea excels at helping her clients find and share their Secret Sauce with the world. She works one-on-one with them as a mentor/coach and helps them grow their businesses in groups via her Digital Dining Room program. She's also the founder of the new reality web series and competition, "Creamed! The Ultimate Content Marketing Showdown" and the author of "Attract and Feed a Hungry Crowd."