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Changing my career. In my 40's….

Hello! I’m Sandra Roycroft-Davis and I’m going to write a series of blogs on my decision to change career, in my 40’s, whilst juggling life as busy woman, with three teenage children. As you do.

I’d been running by own business for 11 years and gradually realised I wasn’t enjoying it anymore.  Not good news!  I just couldn’t get myself motivated at all. And I hated getting out of bed everyday which was the worst part. It was such a cliche – to the outside world I was happy, fulfilled and successful but inside my head I was anything but! Whenever I talk to people about this, I’m amazed at how many agree with me that they alsoo feel like that – who’d have thought so many people could relate to that!?

Anyway, after some coaching and a little bit of self-discovery I came across Neuro-Linguistic programming.  I was really interested in the idea that we can control our thoughts and the idea of being happy and fulfilled in my career was something I really wanted to achieve. To cut a long story short, very soon after  I found myself re-training and back in the classroom!! And that was a total shock to the system!!  It all went really well though and  I qualified as a Cognitive Hypnotherapist and  Master NLP Practitioner.  I have a practice in Harley St and 2 years ago I launched, an online business which sells 10 min mind-retuning voice recordings which help you lose weight by changing your relationship with food to a better more healthy one!

With all that under my belt, I was really pleased. But I didn’t know how to take it to the next level. I know that lots of people in business are finding it hard at the moment – and for start-ups its extra hard unless you’ve won the lottery!  With the loss of Business Link’s (for better or worse…) it can be really difficult to access great business advice in the areas of strategy, marketing and branding. It can be very expensive and frankly, a minefield to just work out who to go with! So in June 2011, when a friend suggested that I apply to Innovating for Growth, I decided to give it a go.

Innovating for Growth is an EU funded inititative for budding entrepreneurs who want to take their business to the next level.  With the allure of £10,000 of help on offer – I decided to apply (a bit of a no-brainer really!).  To apply, you have to employ one member of staff and explain your own idea for developing your business ie Explaining how you would most value the additional professional advice and expertise. In July I was thrilled to be accepted and started the programme in September 2011.The programme is split into workshops and individual sessions for 1:1 advice.  I’ve had time with an IP Lawyer, a top Marketeer, Branding people and a Strategist.

Now, because I’ve run my own businesses successfully in the past, a lot of it wasn’t new to me, but what was different, was thinking about how I’d apply it to my business which is the polar opposite for the work I used to do! So far, the parts that have helped most have been marketing and branding and because the programme is ongoing, I’m going to write every couple of weeks, with my take on what I’m learning. I’m doing this because I hope that by sharing it may help you as well – whether you’ve already got a business, are just starting up or are thinking about it…

I’m really looking forward to getting this series of blogs going and hearing your thoughts on my musings over the coming weeks.

PS. Photo below is of me at the Great North Run with Becca Jones and Darin McCloud who are two brilliant examples of self belief and motivation in action! They spur me on whenever I’m feeling tired so I thought I’d share them with you!

Sandra Roycroft Davis with Darin McCloud and Becca Jones who ran the Great North Run