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Celebrating the daffodil


I love daffodils – the colours, and scents… lovely!

As it’s Mother’s Day this weekend, this post looks at the daffodil, traditionally a flower associated with this occasion.


Daffodils are also known as the flower for birthday’s in March, so a bouquet or basket of daffodils would make a lovely present.

Daffodil by Nita Joy Designs

Daffodil © Nita Joy Designs


In the language of flowers the daffodil stands for

  • Regard
  • Respect


I think this flower would be most appropriate for use in business as well as for a personal message.


With business we all strive to be respected in our given profession and we also want to show respect to our customers /clients.


It could also be a great gift to brighten someone’s day or as a thank you gift.


Various cultures and religions have various associated meanings with this flower –


  • The Greeks have a rather sad mythology associated with this flower, involving a punishment from Zeus  for our human failures, such as the story of Adonis. There was also a man named Narcissus who thought of himself better than anyone else. He died staring into his own reflection in a pool of water. A flower grew where he died and was named the narcissus.
  • Psychologists use the term ‘narcissist’ to describe those who are obsessed with themselves, excluding all others.
  • The Egyptians used the daffodil bulb skins as part of their burial ceremony.
  • Christians associate the daffodil with re birth and resurrection; the daffodil is used as a symbol of Jesus’ death and resurrection.
  • On ‘Mothering Sunday’ or ‘Mother’s Day’ – it’s traditional to give your mum daffodils. The tradition goes back to when those who were in service (maids and servants), were allowed the day off from work to visit their families. As a gift to their mums they would pick wildflowers, including the daffodil. In church services, it’s common for Mums to be given daffodils as part of the service celebrating this day.
  • The Daffodil is the emblem for Wales – also worn with pride on St David’s day (Welsh – Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Sant) St David is the patron saint of Wales and the celebration takes place on the 1st of March.
  • William Wordsworth in 1804 wrote a poem called Daffodils. To hear Jeremy Irons read it beautifully –  Daffodils


Here is some information about the lovely daffodil

  • The Latin name for the daffodil is narcissus. 
  • There are thousands of different types of daffodil.
  • Due to the huge number of varieties, they have been divided into 13 specific groups to help narrow them down to particular styles, shape, growing conditions and so on…
  • Plant them from September onwards to flower in the following spring.
  • Need help with growing daffodils? –  Then The RHS have provided a helpful guide – Daffodils
  • Daffodil Bulbs are a tasty treat to snails and slugs, and squirrels have been known to dig them up. They are also prone to diseases such as bulb rot.
  • You can grow them indoors as well as outdoors. The indoor varieties brighten up your living space and often have a wonderful smell.

–          Grand Soleil d’Or an early flowering narcissus

–          Minnow

  • J Parker have a lovely Narcissus indoor bulb collection
  • Fentongallon Flower Farm  in Cornwall has an amazing array of Daffodil bulbs and cut flowers They donate £1.00 to the Marie Curie Cancer care from each cut flower purchase.


Gardens to admire the beauty of the daffodil


Daffodils tend to be a park favourite, and you may also see them planted alongside roads and roundabouts.


  • Docton Mill in Devon – they have also been awarded best tearooms!
  • Hartland Abbey and Gardens in Devon
  • The National Trust – Grasmere 

–  Daffodils at Glencoyne Bay, Ullswater

–  ‘Doras Field’


Here are some information for special daffodil weekends  –

  • Triplow in Cambridge   on the 17th – 18th March
  • Kempley Gloucestershire 17th-19th March
  • Hartland Abbey Devon 17th-18th March
  • Oxenhall 24-25th March
  • Dymock 31st March – 1st April
  • Daffodil Festival  -this festival travels to over 20 community festivals through the Pacific Northwest Canada for more information – please see their website


Do you like Daffodils?


Where are your favourite places to go and see this lovely spring flower?



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Anita Hunt

Anita is a Christian writer and pastoral worker, running Scattering the Stones Ministry.and Postcards of Hope in God. Her heart is to share God's love and His message of hope, particularly with those who are hurting. Anita loves to record the beauty of nature through her camera lens, She is also a children’s author, running an anti-bullying campaign to encourage children who are being bullied, to tell someone.