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Can you really have a more peaceful business?

Can you have a more peaceful business experience?

While interviewing Kelly Kingman to learn about her new course called The Way of the Peaceful Entrepreneur, I offered up a story about myself.

Well, it was really a story about my father, the work-o-holic, and how I watched him working nearly 24/7 while I was growing up.

To this day he goes to the “office” every day.  He starts at 5:00 am and leaves after 5:00 pm.  Every day with the exception of Christmas Day – the only day my mother refuses to let him leave the house.

Just thinking about it made my stomach all churney.

I knew then as I know now that I didn’t ever want to live my work.

With all of the noise we hear about how we should be working, how we need to be working, it can become overwhelming.  This idea that you cannot be successful unless you work every free moment you have is flawed.

In order to have a work-life balance you must first accept what success means to you.  I guarantee that if you look inside, it’s not really having a billion dollar web site or 10k a month passive income stream with thousands of followers that means success to you.

I suspect that most of us want to be able to care for our families and ourselves in a way that makes sense and gives us joy.  That, to me, spells success.

I’m fortunate to have a roof over my head, my health, a wonderful partner and great customers.

Better than that, it doesn’t take a work-o-holic lifestyle to have it.

If you are thinking about starting a business or you are thinking about resetting your business, consider participating in The Way of the Peaceful Entrepreneur.

There is absolutely no reason to design a business that doesn’t feed your lifestyle.

My father never watched a softball game, track event or play I was in or directed.  All my youthful years are gone and he can’t go back to see them.  Don’t be the parent, spouse, family member or friend that misses all the memorable moments.

Instead design a life that includes your work and enjoy it.

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Yolanda A. Facio is a seasoned entrepreneur, consultant, and copywriter. She divides her time between her businesses: high-end exotic auto repair, copywriting, marketing, and helping solopreneurs and small business owners grow their businesses at Balance Driven Entrepreneur. Author of two bestselling Kindle books, "Purpose: Build a Business You Love" and "What to Say, How to Say It"