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Business Support: Sipping Cold Prosecco Vs A Muddy Heap

Hello fellow ‘Birds’ 🙂 Thank you so much to Sarah for inviting me to come and blog with and for you. I hope to meet some new friends during this blogging journey here on Birds on the Blog.

Today I wanted to start off by telling you how I ended up here writing for you. It is so easy in life to try and do everything on our own, by ourselves and re-designing the wheel at every turn. This can be tough. Especially when we realize that the mistakes we make have already been made by someone and if we had managed to find out the likely results before going down that route we may have managed to save ourselves a lot of time and money.

It can feel scary investing money in someone else, especially if you are not paying yourself BUT it really can get you there so much faster than finding your own way in the dark. It is like finding someone with a torch who has gone down a windy track before. You simply hold their hand and get to the end of the path (lets imagine a nice cold Prosecco is waiting after our long walk!) and arrive quickly and unscathed as you had an expert leader to take you. The drink is still cold and you can enjoy the view without having to patch up your cuts and bruises.  The other route would be you on your own, in the dark with no guide and therefor no torch. You arrive too exhausted to lift your glass of warm Prosecco and slump on the ground covered in mud from those deep dark potholes which you couldn’t see. How could you – you hadn’t walked that path before,  you could’t see clearly and were just doing the best you could with the resources you had at the time. It’s not your fault and is very admiral that you are trying to do it on your own but why not make it easy on yourself so you can enjoy the rewards at the end….

So back to blogging. This is what I did. I could have tried on my own to work out how to become a professional blogger, but after I was introduced to Sarah via some interviews I listened to I knew I needed her support. I didn’t want to do this by myself, I wanted to learn from her expertise and get to where I want to be quicker than I ever could on my own.

Sarah supported me to become a guest blogger on the Huffington Post within about 4-6 weeks of being a blogger, I am here writing for one of the most successful UK blogs and I know so much more from talking to her than I could ever have worked out on my own. What I don’t know, I don’t know so wouldn’t have known I needed to go and find out (if that makes sense!)

It is the same with the Mums I support. They pay me to support them through setting up a business as I have all the cuts and bruises previously from doing it myself and can save them from alot of heartache and wrong turns by inviting me to help.

Don’t try and do it alone and in the dark, seek an expert in whatever it is you are trying to do and save yourself a lot of work and hassle. I look forward to enjoying a cold Prosecco with you one day 😉

Thanks for having me!





Victoria Casebourne

Victoria is an ex-computer scientist who went on to build a creative business to 6 figures twice while having a baby break in between. Visit for free training and resources helping mums break up with the 9-5 and build a life on their terms.