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Broken Home and the Dead Won't Sleep

I am, and always have been a bookworm. Generally I have 3 books on the go at any one time, and two I have finished recently were certainly worth reviewing. Let’s start at the beginning! 

Broken Home – Roberta Kray

Here we have a prime example of a gangster’s wife pretending she has this incredible knowledge of Gangland but ends up (in my humble opinion) embarrassing herself. I have seen his lady on several “Gangster” related TV programmes and she come across as quite sad and yes I am sorry your husband, who was the renown Reggie Kray passed away, but seeing as you married him without ever really knowing him or spending a night with him adding in the fact you were only married 4 years, you know sod all and it shows! A bandwagon was seen by this lady and jumped on. This book is the second of hers I have read and on both occasions I have been rather disappointed. The plot is weak and you can second guess the ending from chapter 2. Written in the style of Martina Cole who I believe to be a master of this genre, it lacks the human behaviour element and overlooks that people from East London think differently from other areas of not only London but the UK as well. The story tells the tale of a woman who recently lost her mother then discovers a sister she never knew she had. When her sister goes missing a friend suggest she come to London to search for her. Add in a psycho murdering prostitutes and a rather dodgy set of pick-pocketing friends her sister made and you have everything for a good story but somehow it is just a bit too far fetched to be believable even with artistic license.

It is a good attempt but you are left thinking it could have been so much better.

The Dead Won’t Sleep – Anna Smith

This is the first time I have read this author and I will read everything she writes from here on! This title was shared around my office and we all agreed she is brilliant. Her story is based in and around Glasgow, Scotland and her descriptive details have you caught in the first few pages in fact, I could not put this down which is rare for me. Her characters seem very real and the story relates to current news not only in the local area but nationwide so perhaps that is where the idea came from. It keeps you guessing until the end and the twist is superb. It is an unusual tale that clearly has been researched brilliantly and a credit to the author and certainly a writer I will be checking out for new releases. Rather than take the viewpoint of someone directly involved i.e. Police or a potential victim, this takes the step of looking at it from a Reporters view and the background needed to ensure publication of all news stories and you really begin to understand the work behind the scenes you rarely hear about. All in all a great read, and certainly someone to watch out for.


What have you read recently and would you recommend it?


Take Care People