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Jacqui Malpass – transformation & book writing coach

Birds on the Blog - Jacqui MalpassWhen I was growing up, I lived in a land of make-believe, where stories and people fascinated me. First off I remember telling a group of friends that I wanted to be a stripper and then much later a rock star. I wanted more than anything else to rock it out. My dream was to have done something wonderful that didn’t include taking off my clothes, more about standing on stage two fingers in the air shouting ‘thank you Wembley!’

I no longer play out my stories in the garden being both the princess and the warrior and I failed miserably at being a rock singer. Getting expelled didn’t help much either.

Instead today, I do something that fills my heart with joy – I write books and help other people with inspiring personal stories share their gifts and inspirational messages by becoming published authors.

My role as a writing coach ranges from planning your book, to helping you to pen it (I often write for my clients as well as act as a developmental editor) and finding the best publishing option.

I exited the womb after a painful 48 hours with a pen in my hand and writing about what is important to me has been in my blood ever since. 

My career was, while varied, was mainly in the IT and manufacturing industries. Going from trainer to pre-sales consultant, account manager, sales executive, product manager, marketing manager, through to executive coach and soft skills trainer. From there into entrepreneurship with coaching, training and consultancy (marketing and personal branding) and through my love of books and writing finally into book coaching.

My first books – long before the self-publishing revolution were about marketing, fertility, and nutrition. Later I wrote about journaling as a way to heal, penned a healing memoir and a book about how to plan a non-fiction book. These were all to support my book coaching business. In addition, with 3 friends we wrote books (Navigate) about Executive Leadership because that’s what we taught and to preserve the ideas of one of our team. When stuff happened in my life and with a little jolt from Head Bird, the Conscious Women Guides were born.


With age comes knowledge and wisdom and so I work specifically with women, who are typically over 4o who have strong personal stories which have changed their lives to share. Their desire is to write their books, make a contribution to the world with their inspirational message and change other people’s lives. As a writing coach I support them to plan, pen and publish their transformational books. My processes, mentoring and coaching is intuitive and gets to the heart of what needs to be shared. We work as a collaborative team to get these books out into the world.

My belief is that anyone can change their world with their pen (and by changing their lifestyle). Writing has a way to reach the heart and soul of a person like nothing else can. When words are written and books published, lives change.

The latest client book

The most recent book I supported an author with is called Motivate Yourself by Andro Donovan. Andro wanted a traditional publishing deal, she got one and then it was all hands to the deck to get the copy to the editors ready for publication date.

Another author I am immensely proud of is Eva George with Size HH.

Kickstart your book journey with Jacqui Malpass

To get you kick-started and writing the right book, sign up for this mini course. It’ll get you thinking about your next book.

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