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Book review: LinkedInformed

Cover of LinkedInformedOur Book Club review this time is LinkedInformed: Everything you need to know to network online effectively  by Mark Williams, aka Mr LinkedIn.

Mark Williams is a keynote speaker, blogger and podcaster – he presents the podcast show LinkedInformed.

His book is designed to be a quick and easy to understand guide that shows you how to use LinkedIn effectively and make the LinkedIn network work for you.

LinkedIn is the dominant force in the business world with millions of professions from all industries signing up to network online. If you are in business you are expected to have a profile on LinkedIn, it is almost obligatory these days, so mastering its use is now an essential skill for everyone.


Chapter 1 We all have to start somewhere – a case study of how a LinkedIn user’s contribution to group discussions earned him a big contract, and what we can learn from that story in order to achieve the same on LinkedIn.

Chapter 2 Creating a great profile – shows you how to create great profile in about 30 minutes (although that seems slightly optimistic to me, but he is the expert after all 🙂 ). This chapter focuses on the profile sections that have the greatest impact and covers things like:

  • how to make your profile standout
  • photo tips
  • suggested content for your headline
  • what to put in your summary
  • social proof on LinkedIn – recommendations and testimonials
  • skills and expertise endorsements – Mark acknowledges that these can often be made by people who don’t really know anything about you or your work, but he also points out two important reasons why they can still be very useful
  • adding media – Video, PowerPoint, PDFs, Word documents, and photographs

Chapter 3 – Connecting. In this chapter Mark mentions sociologist Mark Granovetter and his thesis The Strength of Weak Ties, and points out that pivotal and significant things happen via weak ties – and of course LinkedIn offers the opportunity to have many of these.

If you focus on building a wide and diverse network of weak ties you are creating many potential pathways to success.

He gives examples of his success, and that of others, and explains how to build an effective network of people to connect and engage with.

Chapter 4 Taking things further – discusses intentional and consistent activity to get results from your online networking.

Chapter 5 Privacy – e.g. hiding that you’re connected to someone, understanding your settings, and controlling what information you reveal at any given moment.

Chapter 6 Company page. A brief explanation of setting one up, and the functions of the various elements/pages available.

Chapter 7 Social Selling – using your 1st and 2nd tier connections to make social connections.

Chapter 8 Content

Providing relevant and interesting content is the backbone of your activity on LinkedIn

This chapter covers producing, finding, collating and sharing content; status updates; liking and commenting; and posting to groups.

Chapter 9 Jobseeking tips. Mark’s Top Ten tips.


LinkedInformed is a really good introduction to LinkedIn, packed with lots of useful actionable tips for creating a solid profile and building a useful network of connections. There were many practical tips I hadn’t heard about before, or didn’t know were possible.

It’s available on BookBoon, here.



If you have any recommendations for book reviews or author interviews, please let us know 🙂

Angela Boothroyd

I'm a teacher and linguist who specializes in helping non-native English speakers speak English more fluently. I review books and interview authors for the Birds on the Blog Book Club - if you have any suggestions for reviews or interviews please let us know 🙂