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Automating your blog post promotion will kill your audience

Since I started my blogging career there has been a lot of talk about automating your blog and automating your promotion of individual blog posts.

Gotta confess here, I would love the magic bullet or the magic one click (but know there isn’t one). That doesn’t stop people buying into the automated blog post promotion dream.

The dream that says click this button and all your social profiles will be updated instantly, if not sooner… and not only will the screaming horde descend upon your lovingly written post but you will get heaps more leads, have a better sex life, get more backlinks and keep your bank manager happy, all with one click.

People think that automation is the cure to their time management and not managing their time more efficiently. It’s not but I suspect you don’t want to hear that 😉 Like me you were looking for a quick fix, one click or magic bullet.

Let’s have a quick look at what happens when you automate your Facebook status updates.

These images are from my Facebook newsfeed.

Do you see that line in bold at the bottom?

See 12 more posts from NetworkedBlogs

You don’t get to decide which one you see in your news feed, you see what Facebook decides to show. In this case this blog from Networked Blogs and not the ones underneath it.

Imagine how many potential readers you lose if you are the one underneath.

It’s not just Networked Blogs before you all rush off to delete that app.

It’s any third party app, any tool that automates updates. Yes that means Twitter, Hootsuite and all the other wonderful things that make your life a little easier…

If you next thought is “Ah…but” I think I know what’s coming…

And here is your answer, they are not all status updates from the same person but from all different people.

If you take the time to promote your blog post over the course of a day and add status updates by hand then you will reach the biggest possible audience. If you automate the lot, you’ll miss out and so will the  audience you have painstaking built up.

Mari Smith talked about the “whys” of this at the Blogging Summit, it’s to do with Edge Rank. This is the mechanism Facebook uses to work out what shows in your feed. According to Mari an update with an image and descriptive blurb has more “Edge” and is more likely to be shown. A third-party app simply has less Edge compared to a manual status update.

If you automate all your blog post promotion you may miss out on valuable traffic. If every social media platform behaved in the same way as Facebook then you would not be able to grow your blog’s readership, your promotion would not work and by default you would blame yourself, your blogging team or any number of other things. You would blame everything except for the fact your promotion is not reaching your audience.

If you think that adding status updates by hand is hard work then consider outsourcing to Nikki or getting a VA, and make sure they update by hand and not fully automate.

Don’t kill your audience by making life so much easier for yourself that you forgot why you needed to promote your blog post in the first place. That really will make the bank manager unhappy.


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