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6 Ways to Holiday Proof Your Business

6 Ways to Holiday Proof Your Business


So, you’ve been making some really good progress over the last few months. The start of the year when your business idea was just a new year’s resolution seems a million miles away and now, you really are getting somewhere. It’s not a dream anymore, you’ve got your website up and you know what you have to offer people. You’re really building up momentum and you know that any day now you are going to take on your first clients. It’s such an exciting time, apart from one thing……..The SUMMER HOLIDAYS!


How long have you got looming in front of you, 4, 6 or even 8 weeks? Not that I’ve counted or anything but I have 8 weeks and 4 days to manage!


So, if you are going to keep the momentum you have built in your business over the year you need a plan. Here are 6 things you can do, now, to make sure your business doesn’t wither on the vine over the holidays and you end up having to start from scratch again in September.


  1. Identify The Top 5 Things You Can Do In Your Business. Identify the top 5 most important things you do in your business and make absolutely sure you keep doing these over the next few weeks, without fail. Things you might think about writing and sending your newsletter, posting to Facebook everyday, booking in calls with potential clients, and emailing your list. What is it that is building the momentum in your business today? Identify this and make sure you make the time over the holidays to keep it up.


  1. Keep Things Simple. This is the time to keep the plates in the air, not to be introducing new offers. Whilst the summer holidays are a great time for new ideas to come to the surface make sure you note them in your journal and think about how they could improve your business. Then, come September and the kids are back at school, get busy with your new offerings.


  1. Plan Your Week. So, with a simplified business and the knowledge of what has been building the momentum in your week you need to make the time in your week to run your business. It might be just a couple of hours a day but you need to guard this time with your life. Can you get the kids in to a camp? Can you book a nanny or a babysitter? What activity can you set up for them that means you get at least 2 hours a day to work on your business? Think about it and put it in your diary. Then stick to it!


  1. Make Your Family Team. Having the kids at home is fun a lot of the time. But the house can end up looking like a tip and the fridge can be empty within 5 minutes of the holiday starting. Make sure you set out house rules and the start of the holiday and give everyone jobs to make sure you are not the one running around like a madwoman, feeding, tidying and washing clothes instead of calmly running your business.


  1. Plan Time For Yourself. So, you’ve found time for your business. Your kids are booked in to camps or you’ve got the days planned out so they’re not spending all their time on I-pads or in-front of the TV. Now, what about you? See if you can carve some time out of your week for you to get some time on your own or with friends. Get out and go for a run, with a coffee tagged on the end. Get yourself to a quiet gallery on your own. Go to they gym or have a massage. You’ll be much nicer to be around!


  1. Enjoy Your Holiday. The whole point of this post is to help you create structures that will allow you to maintain the momentum you have built in your business so you can relax, have fun and really enjoy the summer holidays. Creating a specific time in your day to work means you are not trying to hold clients calls in Starbucks whilst you bribe your babes to keep absolutely silent with yet another dose of sugar and carbs. Make sure you keep on track with your work so that you can have a fabulous break when it comes time to go away. Switch off and refresh yourself so you can hit September feeling fantastic!


If you need any help finding ways to holiday proof your business I’d love to help. Just leave me a comment and I’ll get back to you. You might also like to read this article I wrote on making time for yourself and your business when you are busy as well as this article by Sherry Bevan on why is it so important to stay consistent in your business.

Sarah Buchanan-Smith

Career Transformation Consultant at The Apple Bower
Sarah Buchanan-Smith helps women with corporate backgrounds reinvent their careers by helping them find the work they love and showing them how to make money doing it.  If you'd like to find out how Sarah can help you click through to her website and find out how.