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Jobs, Hope and Compassion

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Jobs are getting to be strange things. Those who want them can’t always get them. Some are not allowed to get one because they have the skills to do the job… Work that one out. And those who do have a job are free to assume that anyone without a job is concocting a reason to be living in the lap of luxury on a sub poverty level income. Or they’re just scamming disability payments.

Those that have jobs to fill on the other hand don’t seem to have any responsibility to respond to those who apply for the jobs they advertise and the applicants sweated over complying with their application process to provide all that they can in response to what was asked of them. Or the time and effort and sometimes money to turn up to interviews and be left wondering, without sometimes the form letter that arrives a month later announce their lack of success in this instance and wish them a less than heart filled luck in the future.

And they go past that place of business and they see those people working there and notice that sometimes, they don’t seem to be all that outstanding. But they have that job. And that other person doesn’t. So maybe those people with jobs that complain about that person without the job is right. Maybe they just aren’t trying hard enough.

Now let’s beat on them some more and that will really encourage them to ‘change their ways’ and do a better job of not having a job.

That’s No Solution.

The reality is that humans do much better when we have some encouragement. They are entitled to choose happiness. For the long term unemployed the barrier  to getting work can seem insurmountable. Nobody is going to find a solution for them and they are probably going to need to start with some activities that they can get into and feel appreciated for what they do. Perhaps in a volunteer capacity or helping out in some way in local groups. Feeling appreciated and acknowledged, is a basic human need. It fuels our sense of self esteem.

Not all those who are seeking work now are long term unemployed, but they may have been working in their own business, or contracting and find themselves underemployed and needing more secure employment. What’s not yet well understood is that the economy is not the only reason for the difficulty people are having in finding employment. We are in a state of technological and global disruption and the kinds of jobs that were always there to be had if all else failed, are no longer in ready supply.

I seek in writing these blogs to provide some solutions or steps to take to alleviate problem states but this is a real problem that is bigger than my capacity to come up with an appropriate remedy.  I can’t fix it. I think it is something that will take a combined effort. Groups of people working together in the local area where people can work together to puzzle out a solution.

The kinds of things such a group might help do would be:

  • Work on setting goals to help develop new habits and healthier behaviours to assist each to improved activity, eating habits, reading for new outlook and attention to self care.
  • Identify the skills that people need to develop personally
  • Provide assistance with interviewing skills and presentation
  • Engaging businesses in the community to get interested in helping people back to work
  • Help for businesses in learning to identify opportunities within the business where additional help could generate more profits for the business
  • Opening up wider markets for the local businesses beyond their core customer base
  • Forming small working parties to help on personal projects to assist each other in home improvements, or gardens, or other practical ways where they can also learn new skills and get accustomed to working on a defined project  to completion and with others.

People helping people.

That’s what we need.  Some compassion some kindness.

And hope.  Always hope

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Lindy Asimus

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