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50 Women In Business You MUST Follow on Twitter!

I love Twitter. No. I adore twitter. Actually I probably wouldn’t have a business without Twitter so when I hear people question “what does it have to do with me?” I have to say, if you’re in business, it has everything to do with you!

photo credit: ~Ilse

photo credit: ~Ilse

As a little background noise, I can tell you that I have made the most exciting connections, built up a supportive audience, had several requests for national and local PR opportunities, completed numerous sales, sought help for just about everything (I mean everything) and grown exponentially on a personal level throughout it all. So you see Twitter is where it’s at in business terms and if you’re not in it, you’re not making the most of the global information and connection and growth available to you.

To get you started on your quest for finding some top notch women in business to follow, look no further and know that right here is all you need to really whet your business palette. These are not necessarily the worlds ‘ high-fliers’ (although some really are) but just women like you and me doing their thing and doing it well. Their tweets are relevant, helpful and filled with interesting content to explore in their fields of expertise.

These are in no particular order whatsoever, each as valuable and important as the next!

  1. @anntran_ Social Media Consultant and Influencer
  2. @caitlinmoran Author, writer, journo
  3. @dinahliversidge Mentor and Speaker. Writes about leadership and credibility
  4. @newsaboutwomen Women’s, News, Opinions and Current Affairs
  5. @nickykriel Social Media Coach and Trainer
  6. @debsylee Social Media Coach and passionate about community
  7. @britmums Lifestyle blogging and social influence collective
  8. @totally4women For women who weren’t born yesterday
  9. @judyheminsley All things working from home and homeworkers
  10. @notsalmon Author, Oprah friend and creator of much
  11. @savvy_woman Financial savvy of the highest order
  12. @vagendamagazine Not for the feint-hearted done very well!
  13. @TEDwomen All news and updates on TED Women
  14. @michelleshaeffr All things blogging for business
  15. @joharrison Marketing, ebooks, formatting
  16. @soniapoulton Journalist, broadcaster, tweets about justice
  17. @bhiveclub woman centred business space and so much more
  18. @women_unlimited great tweets for start-ups
  19. @everywomanUK 12 years old and still rocking it up for women in business
  20. @thewomensroomuk Expert women’s database
  21. @leonie_dawson Creator of Wild Sister and teller of the story about how she did it
  22. @janecwoods Intelligent focus on women, business and feminist thinking
  23. @mumsmore Guilt free parenting
  24. @actofattraction Aligning your activity with your business
  25. @featweets Female Entrepreneurs Association
  26. @stilettomillion Tweets about women, business, passion
  27. @forbeswoman An endless source of material for women in business
  28. @laviniaosbourne Financial literacy, wealth creation and wealth preservation
  29. @teasilvestre Branding coach
  30. @judithmorgan Entrepreneur soul and accountant
  31. @gretchenrubin Author of The Happiness Project
  32. @smallbiztrends A Forbes top inspirational woman for entrepreneurs
  33. @shurleyhall Writing, publishing, social media
  34. @melissaonline Business, women, focus. Power and coffee
  35. @erinmgiles Founder of end sex trafficking day and philanthropy consultant
  36. @thenextwomen Business magazine for female heroes
  37. @thestoryxchange #1000stories campaign of women starting up in business
  38. @randomkid Talia is all about social change, changemakers, the power of us all
  39. @baytreejen Possibly the best financial adviser in the world
  40. @katyabarry Helps women with creating and sustaining international businesses
  41. @susanjritchie Tweets about confidence, leadership and schools
  42. @jessgreen84 Vegan, Animal loving digital marketing gal
  43. @sueatkins Author of parenting made easy and parenting expert and broadcaster
  44. @aspirewomen Leadership advocate and speaker and social entrepreneur
  45. @abusinessguru Endless tweets about business including marketing, tech, networking, leadership
  46. @chiefhotmomma Leadership, dynamic women and entrepreneurship
  47. @sitsgirls Blogging community of 40,000+ fabulous women
  48. @wintersonworld Jeanette Winterson. Writer. That is all.
  49. @sallydwrites Blogger about experience of being an adopting parent
  50. @tinybuddha Simple wisdom for complex lives

The simple fact is that good leadership engenders a large space for social change and social enterprise. There is a clear emphasis on personal and social responsibility and these women have that, embrace that and emanate it in a natural way.

And there we have it! Please add your own in the comments box. There can never be to many amazing women to follow on twitter. Trust me!

Lisa Cherry

Lisa Cherry, author, workshop leader, coffee snob and mother of teens, is the founder and owner of Lisa Cherry Ltd which incorporates Whatever!® Youth Coaching. Her personal life experiences, a career in Social Work, Education and Social Inclusion with Children and Families alongside over 20 years in recovery has led to a unique skill set. Lisa works with people helping them tell their Big Story, is making Personal Development available for the most vulnerable of our young people and is often asked to speak nationally on all things writing and recovery!