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50 Arab Women You MUST Follow on Twitter!

They say “All Roads Lead to Rome,” and I say “All WWWs Lead to Twitter!”

As for my blog post, it will lead you to my top “50 Arab Women You MUST Follow on Twitter!”

I’m personally a huge fan of the social network; the concept of Twitter is simple, yet captivating.

In the early 1920s, Arab women began to step out of the shade and into the spotlight through Feminist movements.

Today, they are a success in their own right. Twitter was a tool that helped bring them out into the spotlight to voice their thoughts, opinions and personalities freely to the whole world.

Not only that, but the Blue Bird(ie) has plenty of times acted as a support network for female Arab activists, such as Saudi Manal Al Sharif, who drove a car in her native Saudi as a way of protesting against the law preventing women from driving.

My selected 50 women will capture you with as little as 140 characters, tweeting about anything and everything from life, love, politics, money, science, jokes, business and more.

Some of these women are famous, and some are just like you and I: Intelligent, well-positioned in their fields and have interesting things to say with a pinch of humour.

In no particular order, but categorised according to their field of work, meet 50 Arab women to follow on Twitter.

Activists & Good-Do-ers

1. Manal AlSharif – Saudi Arabia – Women’s Rights Activist @manal_alsharif

2. Lena Jarrar – Palestine, USA – Palestinian Rights Activist, Human Rights Degree Student @lrjarrar

3. Tawakkol Karman – Yemen – Nobel Peace Prize winner, Journalist, Women’s Rights Activist @tawakkolkarman

4. Ruwayda Mustafah – Kurdistan – Activist, Blogger for Huffington Post @ruwaydamustafah

5. Sara Salem – Egypt, Holland – Feminist, Writer @saramsalem

6. Leen Ali-Hasan – Jordan – Activist @leenalihasan

Media, Marketing & PR

7. Iqbal Tamimi – Palestine, UK – Journalist and Director of Arab Media Watch @arabmediawatch

8. Samar Dahmash Jarrah – Palestine, USA – Author, Teacher, Radio show Host @arabvoicesspeak

9. Ruba Abu Judeh – Jordan – Digital Media Consultant, develops online businesses @abujudeh

10. Dana Abu-Laban – UAE – Journalist, Reporter @danaabulaban

11. Sawsan Abu Omar – UAE, Jordan – PR and Marketing Manager @susububbles

12. Nadia Alzou’bi – Jordan – Rotana Radio Presenter @alzoubinadia

13. Nora Younis – Egypt – Journalist, Human Rights Advocate @norayounis

14. Diana Moukalled – Lebanon – TV Journalist, Producer @dianamoukalled

15. Haya Almaqroon – Kuwait – Journalist, Human Rights Defender @haya_almaqroon

16. Najwan Nakho – Jordan, France -Company Support Officer at UBIFRANCE @najwana

17. Mona Eltahawy – Egypt, USA -Columnist and Public Speaker on Arab and Muslim issues @monaeltahawy

18. Reem M. Maghribi – Libya, Syria, UK – Communications Consultant and Director at @reemmaghribi

19. Sabina Shawareb – Jordan, Oman – Community Manager @sabinashawareb

Artists, Bloggers & Other

20. Eman Al Nafjan – Saudi Arabia – Blogger on Saudi issues @saudiwoman

21. Mona Kareem – Kuwait, USA – Blogger and founder of @bedoonrights @monakareem

22. Zeina – UAE – Blogger @ba2laweh

23. Amina Ghali – Egypt – Jewellery Designer for Azza Fahmy @aminaghali

24. Amel Tafsout – Algeria, USA – Dancer, Choreographer @ameltafsout

25. Jude Batayneh – Jordan, Canada -Stand-up Comedian, Psychology degree student @judebatayneh

26. Hana Malhas – Jordan – Singer, Songwriter @hanamalhas

27. Lina – Palestine, Qatar – Blogger, Aspiring Poet @livefromgaza

28. Lana El Sahely – Lebanon, France – Founder and Editor of L’Armoire De Lana, Freelance Stylist @lasahely

29. Lara Bechalany – Lebanon – Fashion Blogger @larabechalany

30. Huda – Lebanon, UAE – Hollywood Makeup Artist, Beauty Consultant @hudabeauty

31. Azza Al Qubaisi – UAE – Jewellery Designer, Sculpture @azzaalqubaisi

32. Zainab Alabri – Oman – Legal Researcher @zainabalabri

33. Nadia Naffa – Jordan – Owner, Producer and Graphic Designer at Green Bananas Jo @nadianaffa

34. Muna Al Khalil – Jordan – PADI Scuba Diving Instructor @scubamunz

35. Batoul Arnaout – Jordan – Sportswoman @batoularnaout

Business & Entrepreneurship

36. Habiba Hamid – UAE – Governance Specialist in the Arab Gulf @habibahamid

37. Muna AlGurg – UAE, UK – Retail Director and Chairperson at YAL UAE @munaalgurg

38. Zayna Hamarneh – Jordan – Entrepreneur and co-founder of MODE Marketing & PR @zaynahamarneh

39. Rana Abu-Ragheb – Jordan -Entrepreneur @ranaar

40. Oula Farawati – Jordan – Journalist turned Entrepreneur @oulafarawati

41. Maha Abouelenein – Egypt – Entrepreneur, Head of Google Communications in MENA @mahagaber

42. Rana Nejem – Jordan – Owner of YARNU for Etiquette and Protocol @rnejem

43. Afrah Nasser – Yemen – Blogger, Founder of Yemeni Salon in Sweden @afrahnasser

44. Rayya Al Habsi – Oman – Commercial kitchens Business Developer @rhydro

45. Fayrouz Zghoul – UAE, Jordan – Social Entrepreneur @fayrouzzghoul

46. Samar Shawareb – Jordan – Entrepreneur, founder of Arabia Weddings @samarshawareb

Doctors, Psychologists & Scientists

47. Qamar Al Asmar – Kuwait, Jordan – Biomedical Engineer @qamarasmar

48. Nesrin S. Khoury – Jordan -Relationships and Marriage Counsellor, Life Coach @nesrinkhoury

49. Ghada Karmi – Palestine, UK – Writer, Doctor, Activist @ghadakarmi

50. Sarah Khalifeh – Palestine, UK – Drug Addiction and Alcoholism Counsellor @__ladys