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5 Ways to monitor your reputation (good or bad) online

In this day and age we all need to know what’s being said about us online. And in a way, it’s great that we can – imagine being able to monitor everything anyone said about you offline, good or bad – how cool would that be? Such a shame it can’t be done – but at least you can keep on top of your reputation online, with a few tools and a little time to set them up!

Google Alerts

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Google alerts is free, and allows you to receive an email when a keyword or phrase of your choice comes up. You can choose between receiving emails daily, weekly or ‘as they happen’ and whether you want alerts from specific areas (eg blogs) or from anything that is indexed by Google.

For your name or company name you would want ‘as they happen’ alerts – this way you get an email the minute something enters the Google index matching your keyphrases.

I’d recommend adding your company name in quotations (eg “My Company Name”) to ensure only proper matches are sent, or you could end up inundated with irrelevant results.

Remember, Google Alerts tells you what’s in the Google index – this doesn’t mean that the results it sends you rank well, just that they’ve appeared.

Monitor This

Monitor This is another free tool that allows you to see where you’re being mentioned. It searches 20 different search engine feeds at the same time, allowing you to put in a search term and generate a file that can be imported into your RSS feed reader. It’s not as easy to use as Google Alerts, but if you can set it up, it works well.


No list of monitoring applications would be complete without Trackur. It’s not free (although it does have a free trial) but it is effective. STOP PRESS! Thanks to Andy for letting us know that there is now a free version of Trackur! You simply add the phrases or names you want to track, and results can be sent to you via email or RSS. When we first tried this out it was very US focused, but it’s reach is wider now and it gives some good comprehensive results from a number of places. Well worth checking out.


As the name suggests, Tweetbeep only searches Twitter, and how! You can track mentions of you or your company, and even see who has tweeted out links to your website (EVEN if they use a URL shortener!). Very useful to find those mentions that weren’t picked up by Tweetdeck or Hootsuite etc.


Social Mention searches 100+ social media places for mentions of your keyphrases, at a time frequency you choose. The results can be emailed to you in HTML or text, and are pretty comprehensive. Oh and it’s free ­čÖé

However you decide to monitor your online reputation, it’s important that you do it and keep up with it – one negative review or comment about you that you miss can really affect the way you’re seen online – by monitoring regularly you can respond to comments good and bad and show that you’re interacting with your clients and advocates.


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