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35 Business Ideas for Mums

Are you a Mum who loves her career but finds the constant balancing act of holding down a 9-5 and building a happy family home a tiring bore? Perhaps you have started to wonder whether there is a different way, a smarter way to earn an income which will give you all the flexibility you need as a Mum but still provide you with a substantial income. A way to put you back in control of your life and your time. Well here is a list of some of the ideas that you could use to build into a great business. I believe all of these business ideas tick all the boxes which make them ‘Mum’ friendly, in particular they all:

  • allow for the level of flexibility we need as Mums
  • provide a good hourly rate of pay
  • would be fairly easy to market as a mum
  • does not necessarily exchange time for money or at the very least can be leveraged in some way

I am hoping by browsing the following list something may spark your imagination and inspire you to think outside the box on how YOU can escape your 9-5 and build an amazing business on your terms.

Local Service Business Ideas for Mums

  • Kids Party Host
  • Cleaner
  • Ironing Service
  • Classes or workshops for adults
  • Local magazine publisher
  • Child Minder
  • Classes for children/ toddlers
    • Creative,
    • Swimming,
    • Gym,
    • Singing

Creative Business Ideas For Mums

  • Renovating furniture
  • Making something to sell (jewellery,gifts, food)
  • Create professional keepsakes for local parents, brides to be and pet owners
  • Teach creative skills
  • Offer creative retreats/breaks
  • Photographer

Online Business Ideas for Mums

  • Professional Blogging
  • Social Media Manager
  • Listings Website Manager
  • Website Designer
  • E-bay or Online Retail
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Job Boards (Freelance)
  • Content Writing
  • Joint Ventures (where you join forces with someone else to build a business based on combined skills)
  • Affiliate Marketing (You market someone elses business/service for a commission)
  • Create an information product/course

Other Business Ideas for Mums

  • Network Marketing (Avon, Body Shop..)
  • Fitness Classes/Personal Trainer
  • Business Networking Groups
  • Slimming world style group leaders
  • Organize selling events/markets locally
  • Author
  • App developer
  • Software developer
  • Podcast host on a subject you love
  • Research products in other countries and if they are not over here, and you feel they would work well, then research what it would take to be the reseller in your country.
  • Drop-shipping (where you retail products but only buy stock as and when you sell it and the seller sends it direct to your customer)

With the internet there really are so many ways in which you can create a flexible income around your family and with the right mindset, and dedication, I believe you can make anything work if you want it enough. The key here is to pick something you LOVE and that the work you will be doing reflects this passion. For example there is no point choosing to become a professional blogger because you love creating and want to write about crafts if you actually dislike writing.

Think about how you want to spend your time, how much time you can devote to building your new business and how quickly you need to see a return. Is this feasible with the traditional business model based around your business idea and if not is there a way to tweak the business model to reflect your needs. Remember nothing is ever set in stone so if you can imagine it running differently, and in a way which suits you better,  than is traditionally done then the chances are you can create it that way. Believe in yourself, your vision and the fact that you deserve to have your life the way you want it. Don’t simply settle with the way things are because you feel that is the only way… there is ALWAYS another way…. you just need to find it!

Good luck on your journey and please do let me know about your business plans in the comments below!

Victoria Casebourne

Victoria is an ex-computer scientist who went on to build a creative business to 6 figures twice while having a baby break in between. Visit for free training and resources helping mums break up with the 9-5 and build a life on their terms.