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3 ways to reinvent your health & weight

Starting a new job is a perfect opportunity to re-invent yourself. Since many of your day-to-day patterns will change anyway, this is an ideal time to mindfully upgrade some of your habits.

Set yourself up for success!

Not that you have to wait for a new role; you can make mindful changes at any time, of course. However in this post, I’ll be sharing some ideas from a recent coaching session with a client who is about to change jobs.


Meet Cheryl

Cheryl (not her real name) is a client of mine and she is starting a new job this week. Cheryl is embracing this as an opportunity to create new habits that will support her to achieve her goal of lasting weight loss.

When we started working together Cheryl had successfully shed 10 kilos of unwanted weight and had another ten to go. The catalyst for coaching was that she had plateaued – and then started to regain weight.

Cheryl realised she needed a better weight loss mindset in order to release her final 10 kilos and sustain the result. She was terrified she would yo-yo as she always had in the past.


Creating a new mindset

It is several weeks into Cheryl’s coaching program and she has made great progress in creating the right mindset for achieving her goal. She has worked through several big limiting beliefs that were causing her to regain weight and now feels much more relaxed and confident she will achieve her goal.

Cheryl has done a great job of replacing her old beliefs with resourceful ones and reframing her weight loss journey. Now she is in the process of strengthening her new “Can do, will do, am doing!” mindset. In her most recent coaching session, we brainstormed things Cheryl can do in her new work environment to support and even fast-track this process.


Developing habits that strengthen a positive mindset

Cheryl decided to do the following things to cultivate and strengthen her positive weight loss mindset:


1. Use her new commute

Cheryl has a 20-minute drive to and from the office each day. From experience, Cheryl knows she could spend this time in mindless negative mind chatter. She would of course prefer to feed her mind something positive.

Cheryl decided to put together a playlist of audio programs to listen to in her car that will keep her focused on her goal and inspired to take action. Listening to positive things will push her life in a positive direction and help create supportive self-talk.

By listening to empowering podcasts and audio content, Cheryl is proactively use her commute to strengthen the neural pathways of her positive and resourceful mindset.


2. Create positive workplace triggers

A new desk or office is just begging for Cheryl’s personal touch! This is a great opportunity to set-up a visual trigger to remind Cheryl to focus on her goal and intone her personal mantra, “I treat myself well.”

Cheryl has a cast metal paperweight in the shape of a bird that she has decided to bring into her new workplace for her desk. Catching sight of the bird is her trigger to say to herself, “I treat myself well” and step into feelings of confidence and self-respect. By linking the bird with these empowering thoughts and feelings, Cheryl has created the opportunity to practice accessing a resourceful state several times during her work day.

Some other things Cheryl could have linked her goal or mantra to:

  • A photo on her desk
  • A hair-tie around the receiver of her desk phone
  • A new mug or water bottle
  • A cute eraser, pretty crystal or plastic bead left in her top drawer
  • A special tube of hand cream
  • A pot plant (on or near her desk)
  • The walk to the Ladies

The important thing for Cheryl to remember is to step into the feeling of living her mantra right now. She is linking this feeling to her trigger (the paperweight bird). With practice she will get good at quickly and deeply accessing those resourceful feelings!


3. Choose appropriate nutrition for her goal

New workplace, new lunch options.

Have you ever noticed that many people eat the same foods over and over? Harry is the guy who brings in last night’s leftovers. Martha always buys a bap and a doughnut. Jordie often has a fast food burger and a coffee. Simon buys “the special” in the food court and comes back to work with a take away coffee as well. Kayla has sushi.

Now, many people have a few lunch options they cycle through and some do eat something different every day. However, often there are limited options (and limited time) for food and you end up eating the same or similar things every day.

Cheryl decided this is her opportunity to be someone who eats for her healthy weight goal. She has decided she won’t be the person who blindly follows Simon to the food court for a cheap, greasy meal! When her work colleagues talk about what she has for lunch, she wants them to say something like:

“Cheryl? She eats healthy, tasty food – often from home.”

Cheryl intends to bring a nutritious home-made lunch most days. She knows, however, some days she will need to buy her lunch locally.

During her first week at the new job Cheryl’s task is to investigate the food outlets near her office (after eating her home-made lunch so she won’t be hungry). The idea is to pre-select one or two lunch options. Anytime she needs to buy lunch she has already made a choice that is aligned to her goal so she will be able to follow-through with ease.


The opportunity to re-define balance!

Another wonderful opportunity for Cheryl at this point in her life is the chance to set expectations around the hours she will work.

Cheryl understands that creating balance in her life is part of her success formula. She knows this is the time to show herself (and the Universe) her intention to truly look after herself. By setting herself up for success Cheryl is also giving her employer her most productive self – and her most professional.


As you can imagine, Cheryl is looking forward to this turning point in her life. A new job is an obvious marker for a shift in self-image but you can use any of these ideas without having to update your CV.

Until next time

Victoria Morrison, Weight Loss Mind Coach

Victoria Morrison

Weight Loss Success Coach at Weight Loss Mind Coaching
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