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4 things to STOP doing at work and slim down!

Here are 4 sneaky things that could be working against you in your work environment. Left unchecked they will play havoc with your weight loss and health goals.

1. Stop believing eating relieves your stress levels

It is true there can be a relationship between feeling stress and your appetite. Did you know that in the short term, stress can shut down your appetite? When your body is pumping our flight-or-fight hormones, your desire to eat is put on hold.

If the stress persists however a different hormone is activated – cortisol – and this can lead to increases in appetite. Be careful though. If your appetite increases and you eat in response to that, you have not actually addressed the situation triggering your body’s stress response. If the situation remains and you continue to be triggered, can you see that stress eating is not really a solution to the real problem. You need to:

  • Remove the stress (or move yourself away from the stress) OR
  • Learn a new way to deal with the situation so you do not experience the stress response.

Instead of reaching for food you don’t need consider using meditation, physical exercise and/or social support in your stress management strategy.


2. Stop telling yourself free food means it’s time to eat up big!

Whether your employer has paid for you to attend a fancy catered function or has simply provided a pastry platter for your team meeting, this does not mean your decision to drop your excess weight or simply eat more healthily is no longer important.

There is something about free food and drink that sends some of us a little crazy. (Who hasn’t overindulged at the buffet?)

Value-for-money is a strong motivational driver and when you can actually have the goods for free, well, we know what can happen.

If you find free food hard to resist, take some time to consider what it costs you – in time, effort, emotional angst, money, etc – to burn off any excess you consume. Keep in mind that this excess doesn’t actually serve you in any way, does it?

Naturally slim people don’t see free food as a reason to disrespect their bodies and nor should you. Come up with a more resourceful way of thinking about what is provided in these situations. How can you act in a way that serves you?


3. Stop mindlessly following your colleagues to the food court

If your work colleagues routinely purchase their lunch and snacks from food outlets that don’t provide the type of food you want to be eating, it’s time to make some choices:

  • Do you continue to spend lunchtime with them – and do you choose to eat for your goal or not?

If you decide you are committed to your weight loss or health goal, brainstorm your options. Here are a few ideas:

  • Could you eat with your colleagues from the food court just on Fridays?
  • Could you suggest some different food outlets where you are more comfortable with the food choices?
  • Could you make your own lunch, bring it in and eat with your colleagues that way?
  • Could you announce you’ve decided to walk at lunchtimes and eat a home-made lunch at your desk when you return – and would anyone like to join you?

Work out what is important to you. If spending time with your colleagues and achieving a healthy weight are both important, find a way to satisfy both these things.


4. Stop talking about how hard it is to lose weight

Notice unproductive office chit-chat about losing weight, diets, exercise programs, cellulite, muffin-tops, celebrity weight loss, etc. Often these conversations are negative rather than uplifting. Sometimes they become whinge sessions where the conversation revolves around how hard it is to lose weight. Over time this negative take becomes a habit.

The result? You feel a sense of bonding over shared negativity. This is unhelpful in the extreme!

Bonding is a positive thing but in this instance it works to erode your confidence in your ability to take action and achieve your goal. You begin to doubt what you are doing or become seduced by the promise of a faster result.

By all means research anything that sounds worthy but keep doing what you already know is sensible and effective. Looking after your motivation and self-belief is the most sensible and effective thing you can do when you wnat to achieve a goal!

Politely excuse yourself from any conversation that moves towards crazy diets, silver-bullet supplements, surgical procedures you don’t need or exercise regimes that promise magic results or are unsuitable for you and your lifestyle.


Have you stopped doing something in your workplace because you noticed it wasn’t supporting your health and wellbeing? Please share in the comments below if you have.


Here’s to your health…

Victoria Morrison, Weight Loss Mind Coach


Victoria Morrison

Weight Loss Success Coach at Weight Loss Mind Coaching
I'm a Weight Loss Success Coach - specialising in mindset. I work with women who are struggling with their weight by helping them change the way they think so they can finally have the lean, healthy body they’re after. Check out my powerful Successful Weight Loss Now session for your smartphone. Daily viewing will change your mindset and change your weight loss results. It’s fun and it works!

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