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3 Reasons Why Your Audience Attends Events

It is a scary decision.  You decide to hold your own event.  And all of a sudden you realize: you have to actually fill the room.  Now what? Before you start marketing your workshop or seminar, it is a good idea to have an understanding WHY people go to events.  Of course this is different depending on your target market.  Entrepreneurs, parents, and professionals all have different needs and motivations.

However, some motivations are the same, so make sure that you tap into that when you create your marketing message:

Fill A Knowledge Gap

When you offer a workshop, you are selling knowledge.  Your expertise is something that your attendees need.  They have a problem or a knowledge gap, you have the solution.  Your attendees need the advantage that your knowledge brings them.

It could be learning how to do their jobs better, so they are not in the next round of layoffs. Or learning how to outperform and outmarket the competition if they have their own business.  And they will go to seminars to learn how to do that. Take advantage of this need by positioning your workshop as an event that can help them do that.

Meet Like Minded People

Daphne is meeting like minded people at an event

Daphne is meeting like minded people at an event

People go to events to network.  The connections your audience makes at your workshop are sometimes more valuable than the content delivered at the event, no matter how great the training presented. The relationships can turn into lifelong friendships, affiliate relationships, joint venture partnerships and strategic alliances.

You have an audience of like-minded people and they are all looking for similar transformations.  They may be competitors, but more likely, they are different enough in their offerings and niches that they will benefit from working together.

Interact With People Face To Face

In this day and age, most of the communication is electronic.  People connect on Facebook to keep up with each other.  They text instead of picking up the phone and having a conversation.

Many entrepreneurs are lone wolves who work by themselves out of their home office.  Sure it is glamorous to have a 10 second commute, be your own boss and set your on schedule.  But the real truth is that it is also isolating and lonely at times.

Make your event worth attending by turning virtual relationships into actual ones.Play up the need to get out, learn new skills, and have face to face connections.

Filling your event becomes much easier when you understand what your audience is looking for.  The biggest liability you have as an event promoter; the fact that your attendees actually have to get out of the house or office, make the trek across town or country to attend your event is also your greatest asset.  People crave human interaction.  Your event can give it to them.

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