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12 days of Christmas: 12 bloggers blogging

12 bloggers blogging is the opening of our 12 days of Christmas. But we are doing it in reverse order, starting with 12 and counting down to 1. Why? Because we can.

This year has seen the most wonderful women bloggers stepping forward and showcasing their stuff. On January the first we share our mega list with you: all female , all wonderful  and all blogging.

In this post I am going to share 12 bloggers I follow that are not on that mega list. The reason why will become apparent.

Danny Brown, the boss over Danny is known for his pull-no-punches social marketing style. He is funny, insightful and really knows his marketing stuff. He shares a lot of wise words with his community and has some amazing plans. If you don’t know him already then drop by and learn a few things. Join in. Have fun.

Graham Hunt, well what can I say… everything I hate in a man… left wing, football supporter, hates Maggie.  Hates David. Probably hates William (have not asked about Hague. I don’t want to know the answer). Hates banks. But somewhere along the way we become good friends, plotted world domination, joint ventures and he fixed a major error on my main website. So I can forgive him for being a rabid football supporter but not the rest ;). You can find him in many places but mainly over at go and say hello.

Jeremy Dent, if there was perfection in a man it would be Jeremy. He amuses me with his snarkiness and his complete lack of sensitivity is legend among the Birds. His devotion to his family is touching and he writes the odd post for Blokes on the Blog when he is not berating me for the editorial policy… (which is generally lead by Graham bashing the bankers, the Tories, capitalism etc. That’s what happens when you have a user generated content policy ;)). Take a minute and subscribe to Jeremy on Facebook he has too many blogs to list and they are all filled with words such as ubiquitous.

Simon Raybould. The man that cured my squeak. 🙂 He writes about cans chatting… and giving better presentations. He is also one of the leading communications experts for public speaking. A genuinely nice person. Another devoted family man (I think that’s what all these male bloggers on my list have in common) who recently celebrated 25 years of married bliss. Want to speak and communicate better? Speak to Simon.

Marcus Sheridan. The Pool guy, no… not Jim Carrey… the other one.  Of course he’s world famous like Danny Brown but he is still an every day guy writing cool posts and sharing with his community. An all round nice bloke, one that cares and yes… he is also devoted to his family. He even shares pics of them on his blog. Yeah, his business blog. Go figure that one out 😉 You can find Marcus over at The Sales Lion

Kriss Akabusi. We know Kriss in the UK as an athlete and a motivational speaker. But he also blogs about helping Africa, what it’s like to be a Nigerian child in the UK and how to have a foot in both cultures. Not your average blogger and definitely one to keep an eye on. you can find him here

Jon Stow. The Tax Guy. Now I keep telling you about Jon and bah! You don’t listen. Calm, practical business advice is Jon’s forte and a very enjoyable read. He can’t be a best kept secret forever… some day soon someone will discover him and his wise words and you will have wished you had listened to me….  he’s not smug and opinionated. He’s well worth a read.

Eugen Oprea. This is the chap who came to London and didn’t say hello 🙁 but I recovered. Eugen is a Google Analytics Ninja and recently he started to teach courses via webinars. If you want your blog to convert better then understanding your stats is a good place to start. Go check him out

Mark McGuinness. Mark blogs over at Lateral Action although I have seen his poetry blogs and his work in other places. It’s via Lateral Action that I follow Mark. It was Steven Pressfield who led me to Mark, they had an interview. I listen to it often on my iPod. If channelling creativity and all that is your sort of thing you should go and subscribe to Mark.

It’s not essential to be called Stephen but it helps…

Steven Healey, a dear friend. One man and his wok, CRM, Prospect… is there no end to this man’s talent? Apparently not… he also herds cats, I mean multi author blogs over at the go and check it out. Over the years we have cooked up many schemes to help people get more business, have fun online and generally have a better life. Forever the eternal optimist, Steven really knows how to look on the bright side of life.

Stephen Bray.  Stephen is the the devoted husband to our Irem, he’s based in Turkey and he writes the wackiest headlines you are ever likely to read. He guest posts here a lot as well, usually about burning chips and other stories. Stephen crafts his stories well and you will quickly become engrossed. He also plans to have a fabulous 2012. You can find him here –

Steven Pressfield. Steven is my all time fave male blogger. We have a long standing relationship only he doesn’t know it. I have read his war stories, named my kids and dogs after things in his book and then Graham introduced me to Do The Work and I then swiftly purchased his creative books… This guy trebled by output. I am currently placing one ebook a month on sale and have stronger focus than I did 6 months ago. He’s had a profound impact on my life. I listen to him every day usually talking about warriors and creativity. It may not be your cup of tea, but it is mine. You can find him over here, you might like his Writing Wednesdays. Plain, unpretentious writing that’s actionable.

12 male bloggers, blogging…

Who would you add? Leave us a comment and tell us what Male bloggers are in your reading list.


Image (C) and design by Anita Hunt

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