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100 Female Bloggers To Follow

100 Women Bloggers to Follow

2016 marks the return of the 100 female bloggers to follow list. These smart women are active bloggers, say interesting things and talk about things that help women in business.

Now, the boring admin part… This list is in no particular order. I know, I should have some kind of ranking system, but to be honest, women are ranked every day on how they look, how much they weigh etc. This list is just a list of 100 smart women you should follow. Number 97 is just as interesting as number 5.

How do I come up with the smart, amazing women bloggers here? I ask the community to suggest women bloggers, I ask the current, active Birds contributors, and I add the people I notice.

There are no Birds on the Blog contributors, past or present on this list. We believe in giving women a hand up, and this is our opportunity to recognise those outside of our immediate community.

Skim through the list, click on the ones you like the sound of and then subscribe. When you’ve done that, leave a comment with a link to the female bloggers who are not on the list, that should be. Let’s make this an amazing resource for women everywhere.

    1. Sharon Simpson – Sharon and her reveal program are nothing short of amazing. Sharon is a photographer who helps women regain their confidence when life hits them full force. Go and check out her site here:
    2. Molly Pitman is a contributor to the multi-author site Digital Marketer, a leading Facebook ads expert and she blogs extensively on the topic. Follow Molly if FB ads are part of your strategy this year
    3. Jenny Anderson will show you how the world can be a better place with her podcast and blog for change makers. You should go and check her out asap
    4. Julia Skinner, retired headteacher, word challenger and retired but not retiring!
    5. Patricia Cherry, author, blogger and all round smart cookie leading the way for vitality bloggers everywhere
    6. Charell Star is a blogger who shares content around life, fashion and living with intent. Go check her out
    7. Cori Ramos from is a Harley riding, fun-loving grandma who has a thriving blog and community.
    8. Brenda Pace is witty, funny and talks about all things feminine over at Bren’s soul-searing honesty is something I admire very much.
    9. MC Simon, writer, blogger, feng-shui expert, the woman behind the sunglasses, shares all things spiritual and inner growth
    10. Nickie O’Hara is just one amazing woman, she has a great knowledge of all things geeky and happily shares it with the world
    11. Sarah Bailey from UK Bloggers Sarah, of course, has her own blog sharing her family life, she’s a very active blogger and community builder
    12. Tori Gabriel is the Adultier Adult. A meme inspired her successful parenting blog and she has a thriving community of women who are also looking and discovering that they are that adult now
    13. Parenting, aBridged is one of my favourite sites of 2015, Melanie Bridge is witty, supportive and is homeschooling her children
    14. Nicola Bird writes about simplicity in business. I first came across Nic as a food blogger where she shared her kitchen disasters (some on par with my own) and I’ve followed her ever since and even taken her simplicity challenge
    15. Jane Travis is smart, witty and supports people with “issues”. Her blog is like the glossy magazine for people wanting support, go and check it out
    16. Judith Morgan is the popular small business guru with a blog filled with all kinds of delights
    17. Lucy Whittington really found her stride in 2015 and you can read more about her over at her blog; Lucy Loves Business
    18. Amber Rogers is a vibrant, positive, healthy eating role model and her newsletter promises sarcasm (what more could you want??)
    19. Donna Higton is a self-confessed chocolate lover and her blog shares personal development tips
    20. Angela Ward is the anxiety guru and her blog helps women with anxiety come to terms with it and still live a fulfilling life
    21. Nkechi Ajaeroh shares live streaming tips over at and is one of the most supportive people you’ll meet in the Periscope community
    22. Nicola Cairncross is warm, funny and writes about marketing your business she also has a podcast with Judith Morgan what women are raving about.
    23. Jennifer Campbell of Mama Lion Strong has poured 30 years of love and experience into her popular site
    24. Denise Mortimer is a New Yorker loving her life in London, her blog is about fabulousness in relationships, NLP communication and many other things
    25. Beverly Marie writes about mindset, she’s just starting out and starting as she means to carry on
    26. Mickey Gomez has me in stitches, her post about a bra fitting will have you crying with laughter
    27. Rosanne Berry, it only seems fair to follow Mickey’s bra escapades with the tales from a professional bra fitter. lingerie, lifestyle and other things (including toads) can be found on Rosanne’s blog.
    28. Suman Kher from I love how reading Lean In is still on her pending list
    29. Emily Schuman is the creator of Cupcakes and Cashmere where she shares fashion and lifestyle content
    30. Susannah Conway shares how to create and run a heart centred business and she shows it all, the highs the lows and the things that people don’t mention. If guru-style marketing is annoying you, then check out Susannah.
    31. Lenka Lutonska is funny, witty and bloody marvellous you can find her at
    32. Sophie Thorpe has a mission to help you find your best style, her short pithy video blogs will steer you in the right direction
    33. Leah Butler Smith writes about digital marketing over at she’s one of the few women who speak at online marketing conferences (these tend to be male dominated) and she shares her thoughts on how to use digital marketing products for your business
    34. Debbie Benstein is one of my favorite marketers, ever, she’s a no-nonsense marketing expert and shares her wisdom over at
    35. Patti Stafford is a fiction writer and the person who helps you get your story together
    36. Dorothy Dalton shares careers advice for those that are serious about growing their career based in Belgium, she’s also the founder of the leading career coaching portal. If you’re a career coach, you need to check this site out
    37. Harleena Singh is the founder of Aha-Now! and her blog is a treasure trove of goodies
    38. Leaders in Heels by Kasia Gospos is about empowering and supporting women
    39. Sue Anne Dunlevie writes about successful blogging over at
    40. Bonnie Andrews is a prolific blogger over at Hobby to Hot
    41. Linda Formacelli is the Renegade Writer inspiring writers worldwide on how to get their work seen
    42. Ileane Smith is one of my favourite bloggers and the highlight of last year was speaking to her on a Blab!
    43. Lynsey Jones is just amazing with her blog Party Plan Divas everything you could ever want to know about a successful party planning business is there
    44. Laura Morrison will liberate your potential
    45. Megan Knox Davies inspires women to run a marathon with her
    46. Sarah Brown is an accountant based in Canada and she shares posts around money and finances
    47. Sarah Jackson of the Fermented Foody is a witty writer, and avid creator of video content.
    48. Pauline Cabrera writes about blogging and website design over at 
    49. Donna Merrill writes about creating a successful online business, she’s a prolific commenter
    50. Kristi Hines blogs over at Kristi will have a “how to” post in place so you can maximise it’s use.
    51. Lynne Murphy – aka “Lynneguist” – Senior Lecturer in Linguistics and English Language at the University of Sussex,
    52. Shelly Kramer loves integrated marketing. Her blog is a mixture of “how-to” and thoughtful article relating to social media marketing.
    53. Tamara Colloff-Bennett writes on the Quillcards blog accompanied by husband David Bennett’s excellent photos.
    54. Brankica Underwood: Personal training and shooting (Ed. her previous listed site didn’t work, have added this is a temp).
    55. Audrey Watters – snarky technology journalist and ed-tech advocate, writing about education technology at Hack Education
    56. Lori Moreno: Abundance and Inspiration Lori has both and blogs on inspirational topics
    57. Lisa Johnson – Lisa is a pilates coach and makes fab videos to show you can get fitter in minutes. No excuse really. She also has a post on fitness for bloggers.
    58. The Parm Farm is a fun place to hang out, written by Amy Parmenter and filled with references to the Sheriff, her husband.
    59. Laverne Vermeulen as well as editing a magazine also blogs over at
    60. Susan Heaton Wright blogs about building your presence, music and many other things relating to using your voice
    61. Thinking of moving abroad? That means you are a future ex-pat and you need to drop by Susanna Perkins‘ blog
    62. Henneke Duistermaat is a blogher over at Enchanted Marketing you’ll love her writing
    63. Lisa Alexander blogs at Another Place in Him, she knows her stuff
    64. Becky McCray has a few sites but the one we love the most is small biz survival
    65. Fabulously Broke in the City FB is a female personal finance blogger living in Canada. Interesting, informative, funny. Take a look.
    66. Geek Girlfriends with Christina Tynan-Wood the place for women who like technology but need a little help in keeping up with it all.
    67. Gini Dietrich the PR guru who videoblogs in her cycling gear 🙂 for a blog filled with fun you’ll need to check out spin sucks. (they have sensible topics as well).
    68. Good Life Zen with Mary Jaksch. Mary focuses on spirituality and self-development and offers practical inspiration for a happier life.
    69. Ali writing coach, shares her stories about her writing beliefs and indie publishing and how she become a Kindle convert
    70. Lisa Parkes for a blog that doesn’t shame women on how to be a great parent
    71. Sadia Sisay – business woman and founder of BeingU underwear for women of colour
    72. Freda Muyambo– electrical engineer and mad about African food- blogs about african inspired recipes
    73. Eliza Anyangwe – Freelance writer contributes to and her own blog is at
    74. Minda Magero– Kenyan Poet and writer -conceived the unboxed life
    75. Melissa Esplin – Artist turned Graphic designer. ISLY – Blogging about all things creative. W:
    76. Carolyn Edlund– Artsy Shark, a website for emerging artists – W:
    77. Kate Harper – Greeting Card Designer Trends, News and Tutorials for Professional Writers and Artists :
    78. Pam Slim – Coach and Author of Escape from Cubicle Nation, helping people leave corporate jobs and start their own businesses.
    79. Jesse Blayne – Writer – thoughtful, real and relevent she posts about life and it is highly relatable.
    80. Sandi Flaviell Amorim – Coach and Instigator tired of ‘someday’ excuses. Personal and real writing to get your teeth into.
    81. Sarah Newton – the supernanny for youths and teens. Sarah’s indepth knowledge is shared with humour and understanding for the problems parents experience.
    82. Carole Brown Carole is the chief blogger of several blogs including the fab eco system gardening.
    83. Katie Floyd is a Florida attorney who writes an occasional blog on Mac geekery
    84. Alison Ottoway shows you how to live the life of your dreams.
    85. Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer, MarketingProfs,  A genuine expert who has been at the forefront of online marketing for many years.
    86. Mari Smith – THE font of knowledge when it comes to Facebook –
    87. Sarah Pennells – Savvywoman – helping women to get a handle on their finances. Whether it’s divorce, children or general finance, Sarah knows her stuff.
    88. Andrea Vahl/Grandma Mary social media made fun, fab videos and webinars, you will always learn something from the Grandma.
    89. Rachel Matthews – Successful Garden Design Rachel brings garden design into the 21st century.
    90. Claire Pelletreau writes about Facebook marketing and advertising
    91. Michelle Poole is a VA who also trains VAs, and she blogs about how a VA can help you with business
    92.  Shan Marshall blogs about coloring which has taken off in a big way since 2009
    93.  Jane Oma blogs over at My Ruby Heels – what a fab name for a blog –
    94. Claire Brotherton blogs over at a Bright Clear web, we enjoy her web tutorials and Wordcamp updates
    95. Paige Poutiainen writes about blogging from a design perspective
    96. Maralee Bradley is a family blogger who shares some very poignant posts
    97. Verushka Ramasami blogs lifestyle and food over at the Spice Goddess I get hungry every time I visit!
    98. Jackie Groundsell from has just started to grow her blog with simple and effective business networking tips
    99. Amanda Papenfus Eatherly is going to take you on an adventure! shares tales of Amanda’s travels from Germany back to the US.
    100. Amy Oestreicher writes deep from the heart and shares her journey with everyone, and you can’t failed to be inspired by her art

There we have it, 100 of the best female owned blogs on the planet.




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