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10 Keys To Having More Energy in 2012

Having more energy is on just about everyone’s holiday wish list. The idea of avoiding the mid-afternoon crash, having enough energy to get to the gym (to not only do the workout, but also enjoy it), and still come home and feel great is nothing but a distant memory for many people. But, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Not only is it possible, but it’s actually quite simple. 

It’s all about managing your Energy Bank.

What is the Energy Bank?

The Energy Bank regulates our internal energy levels – which run much like a financial bank. Everything we do either deposits energy or withdraws energy. And, just like a financial bank, the goal is to maximize our average daily balance so we have energy to spare with the big withdrawals hit.

10 Keys to Having More Energy

  1. Vision. When you don’t see well, everything is a bigger chore than it needs to be. Struggling with tracking moving objects, depth perception (such as when parallel parking a car), reaction times (like during highway driving), and lacking peripheral vision means your body is perpetually working harder than it has to at everyday tasks. This is a HUGE energy bank withdrawal. Fortunately, these are all trainable skills.
  2. Breathing. At 22,000-24,000 breaths a day, this is one of the most automatic things we do, yet millions of people are bad at it. And being bad at breathing means you sleep more poorly, get headaches, are more fatigued, and suffer from anxiety and depression. This, too, is another skill that can be re-trained.
  3. Regular Movement. Being sedentary (either at the computer or on the couch) is another energy bank withdrawal. Schedule regular movement breaks into your day – just to get up, stretch, work on your mobility, and reset your body. Moving regularly is a great Energy Bank deposit.
  4. Sleep. Quality and quantity both count when it comes to sleep – 6 solid hours is going to be better than 8 fitful ones. High-quality sleep is a huge deposit activity that oftentimes give you the willpower to work on these other Energy Bank activities.
  5. Attitude/Mood. How many energetic curmudgeons do you know? I don’t know any. Having a positive attitude and shrugging off the “bad” as quickly as you can is a huge Energy Bank deposit activity. Yes, bad things happen, but it’s how you respond to them that matters.
  6. Play. Right along with attitude and mood, finding time in your day for playful activities and having fun is super-important. Play and laughter release endorphins that create a positive response throughout your body.
  7. Exercise. The dreaded “e” word – I know. But, instead of dreading slogging out 30 minutes on the treadmill, find something that is fun to do. Maybe it’s a dance party with your kids, maybe it’s taking up swing lessons with your spouse. Whatever it is, fun exercise is by far the most beneficial kind.
  8. Eat the Right Foods for You. As Hippocrates said, “all disease starts in the gut” and I’m pretty sure he was right. This isn’t about following a low-anything lifestyle – instead it’s about systematically finding out what foods your body responds well to, and which ones it does not. The results may surprise you!
  9. Community and Support. We all thrive when we are surrounded by people that care about us – statistics show that seniors surrounded by people that care about them live longer than those alone. Finding a community that will support you exactly as you are and in your goals and ambitions is just as important as anything else on this list.
  10. Get Out of Pain. Half of all Americans (and I suspect the numbers are similar in the UK) are in chronic pain at any given point in time, so I suspect you are already painfully familiar (pun intended) with how large of a withdrawal being in chronic pain is.


Which of these concepts do you have mastered and which could use more work? Interested in putting these ideas into practice? Then join me for my Energy Bank Bootcamp starting in January. Spend just 4 weeks tuning up to feel awesome all year long.

Jennifer Waak

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