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E-commerce on Twitter: Doing the maths

First of all let me say I love Twitter, it’s my absolute favourite social media tool and I get huge benefits from it both personally and as a business … [Read more...]

Have you got a strong brand for your company?

A brand is not just your logo, it is your overall company image, it is you making a statement to your audience about who you are and what you stand … [Read more...]

5 business lessons I didn’t want to learn

It’s been two months since I started up as a freelance writer and it’s been no walk in the park. When I first played around with the concept of … [Read more...]

Rant Ahoy! Valuing someones experience and time

This week I thought I would pick up on a topic that I ranted about on my facebook page and Sarah thought would make a good blog! The rant came about … [Read more...]

Those passive incomes that are often mentioned…

Two and a half years ago, my husband and boss tasked me with creating a passive income. The general internet consensus at the time was, write an … [Read more...]

In pursuit of… Being Organised – 3

So - in my ongoing pursuit to be organised, and now armed with various tools and ideas, am I there yet? Am I heck! But definitely pointing, and even … [Read more...]

Offline Marketing – Remember That? 10 Reminders of What You Can Do

I was recently given a bit of a wake up call about my marketing activities – and just how much we have skewed our activities towards online marketing … [Read more...]