7 Top Tips to Successful Business List Building

One of the best ways to get leads for internet traffic is from using targeted Internet Traffic List Building techniques, no matter what niche you operate in. The 7 Top Tips 1. What is List Building It is a powerful strategy where you build your own list of subscribers to create a mutually beneficial relationship. …Read More

Landladying, what happened next.

Part two of the fantastic story of Carolyn Steele’s career as a landlady (part one is here) What happened next? Well the first thing that happened was that I mentally retraced my steps and re-evaluated every piece of advice I’d been given. Most of Fay’s homilies had been about how important it was to change …Read More

Is whistling just blowing in the wind?

A recent ad by a large uk-wide storage based service has prompted the thought that we may not be able to win the battle to stop sexist marketing; they may just have us over a barrel regardless of how we react.

A career as a marketer

Over the last two decades I’ve been lucky enough to have several intertwining careers that both connect and reflect each other, but as I look back the journey was entirely serendipitous even though it has worked out pretty well. It all began at school with a keen interest in science and biology and chemistry in …Read More

Guestblog: How I started my business

It all began in October 2006 when my children were aged 13 and 4. I was teaching IT and Business Studies in a secondary school, hating the paperwork but loving the student interaction, hating the lack of freedom but loving the ability to shape young people’s lives. I had accepted a part-time position, teaching just …Read More