Landladying, what happened next.

Part two of the fantastic story of Carolyn Steele's career as a landlady (part one is here) What happened next? Well the first thing that happened was that I mentally retraced my steps and re-evaluated every piece of advice I’d been given. Most of Fay’s homilies had been about how important it was … [Read more...]

Is whistling just blowing in the wind?

I recently drove past the advertising hording you can see in this picture – and couldn’t make up my mind whether to laugh or cry – but the one emotion I could be sure of was instant annoyance. Not just annoyance at the the message, but because unless Storagewaste (no I wont give them the … [Read more...]

A career as a marketer

Over the last two decades I've been lucky enough to have several intertwining careers that both connect and reflect each other, but as I look back the journey was entirely serendipitous even though it has worked out pretty well. It all began at school with a keen interest in science and biology and … [Read more...]

Guestblog: How I started my business

It all began in October 2006 when my children were aged 13 and 4. I was teaching IT and Business Studies in a secondary school, hating the paperwork but loving the student interaction, hating the lack of freedom but loving the ability to shape young people’s lives. I had accepted a part-time … [Read more...]

E-commerce on Twitter: Doing the maths

First of all let me say I love Twitter, it’s my absolute favourite social media tool and I get huge benefits from it both personally and as a business – but is it an effective e-commerce sales generator? Perhaps not for me just yet…. Historically, as a direct marketer with the likes of BCA (you … [Read more...]

Have you got a strong brand for your company?

A brand is not just your logo, it is your overall company image, it is you making a statement to your audience about who you are and what you stand for, it is something that builds trust between you and your customer, it can earn you respect and strengthen your proposition and it can make you stand … [Read more...]