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Landladying, what happened next.

By Special Guest

Part two of the fantastic story of Carolyn Steele’s career as a landlady (part one is here) What happened next? Well the first thing that happened was that I mentally retraced my steps and re-evaluated every piece of advice I’d been given. Most of Fay’s homilies had been about how important it was to change […]

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A career as a marketer

By Sally Church

Over the last two decades I’ve been lucky enough to have several intertwining careers that both connect and reflect each other, but as I look back the journey was entirely serendipitous even though it has worked out pretty well. It all began at school with a keen interest in science and biology and chemistry in […]

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Guestblog: How I started my business

By Special Guest

It all began in October 2006 when my children were aged 13 and 4. I was teaching IT and Business Studies in a secondary school, hating the paperwork but loving the student interaction, hating the lack of freedom but loving the ability to shape young people’s lives. I had accepted a part-time position, teaching just […]

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