Copywriting with added spice

This year I have become addicted to information products. It’s Graham Hunt’s fault. I find it so much easier to live with myself when I know who to blame for my addictions… Graham lead me to the Immediate Edge, where I have learned a tremendous amount about internet marketing for my businesses. That in turn …Read More

Book Review: The Bootstrapping Book

The Secrets To Working and Making a Living in Spain by Nick Snelling & Graham Hunt. Reviewing any book is not easy task, but when an ebook is 353 pages long you do wonder whether it’s going to be a marathon.  I always thought that the best thing about ebooks was that they were easy …Read More

The night I became a Martha Blogger

The other week I attended a blogging party hosted by Martha Stewart at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia on behalf of Birds on the Blog. Sarah sent me the invite she had received, kindly and gently suggesting that the New York Bird might like to attend.  Intuitively, I looked around and realised with a jolt that …Read More

How do I compare?

How do I compare to the others in the Search for a Simple Star? As a lot of you know I have taken part in trying to become a ‘Simple Star’. This is not (as has been suggested) for simpletons! It is a competition run by Simple to see who can run their own promotional …Read More

7 Top Tips to Successful Business List Building

One of the best ways to get leads for internet traffic is from using targeted Internet Traffic List Building techniques, no matter what niche you operate in. The 7 Top Tips 1. What is List Building It is a powerful strategy where you build your own list of subscribers to create a mutually beneficial relationship. …Read More