Stuff my Mum taught me!

By Lesley Morrissey

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PegsWe all have funny little habits and I’m sure you have as many as I do – but they’re probably different ones.  Where do we get these odd idiosyncrasies from?  I blame my mother for most of mine and I know my daughter has one or two that have passed on, although she has acquired quite a few different ones from somewhere too.

Here are some of mine – and the rationale for them where I know it:

I never put knife handles in the washing up water – because my Mum told me that it loosened the handle; but that was when knives had ivory handles.

My Mum also taught me to put knives into the drainer point down, so I don’t have to get hold of them by the blades, but also because that is the narrowest part of the implement and takes up less room in the drainer.  It astonishes me that so many people put them handle down – even sharp kitchen knives – and don’t mind the possibility of cutting themselves!

I always put the toilet lid down – because I found out that the ‘plume’ when you flush can travel as far as 8 feet upwards and outwards and my toothbrush and contact lens stuff is in the same room within that distance!

I always match the peg colours on any given item and am positively phobic if they don’t match!  No good reason other than OCD (all my Mum’s pegs were brown wooden ones).  However, I do know someone who does this AND the pegs have to match the garment being pegged out; I’m not quite that bad.

I hang pillow cases from the open end and sheets with the fold at the bottom – because my Mum told me that this lets the wind to get inside so they dry quicker.

I hang jumpers up to dry by putting a pair of tights through the sleeves and pegging the feet at the wrist ends and the waistband through the neck.  It means even distribution of weight – another tip from my Mum.

When I wash up I also wipe the cooker and all the surfaces because my Mum taught me that was part of the washing up process – and I get seriously miffed when others don’t do it (in my house).

I only recently learned to put my bra on by reaching around and fastening it at the back.  My Mum always fastened hers at the front and then pulled it around to the right position, who knows why – it isn’t any easier.

I turn duvet covers inside out and grab the duvet with my arms inside the reversed cover so I can shake the cover over the duvet with the minimum of effort – another tip from my Mum!

If I’m using a flat sheet I still do envelope corners, because Mum taught me to and I can’t bear just stuffing the sheet under the mattress!

Is it me?  Or do you have lots of funny little habits you learned from your Mum, Gran or someone else?  Feel free to air and share them in the comments!

Lesley Morrissey

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Oh my! Lid down and locked from now on…
I’ve got some things from my ma that are great and some that are appalling. I take small satisfaction that I’m passing them on…

Oh, I hear you there! Especially the knives, tho’ I’ve been known to turn forks upside down for the same reason.

It’s amazing the habits we pick up AS habits, just from being in the company of others.

Wonder if this works just as well at the office as from our family.

I think so, if you work in one office for a long time. I worked for a boss once who hated the phrase ‘a great deal’ and I still have to think several times before I type it.

Here’s another useful tip – not from my Mum this time, but invaluable if you have lots of big boys in the house. Keep a box of matches in the bathroom, if you run out of air freshener burning a match usually gets rid of the smells.

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