Social Media and your brand #infographic

By Sarah Arrow

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Social Media Branding Infographic

Sarah Arrow

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Crazy that people spend that much time on the computer (or mobile device) looking at stupid stuff (like drama on Facebook). Personally, I only use social for work these days. Speaking of which, I didn’t see that number? How many people spend time on the interweb for work? Or does that fall under the “search” category?

By the time I’m done working, I’d like to throw the laptop in the garbage. I have to force myself to log on to Facebook to make a post about my company. That’s how much I dislike it. But, I guess I’m the exception to the rule.

Thanks for the easy to read infograph.


    I think Josh its loosely termed as research 😉

Hi Sarah,

Totally can relate to this. Nowadays, social media plays a huge role especially when it comes to buying something. Even I could relate this to myself. Whenever I want to buy something from the net, I will check on reviews and even opinions posted by friends on social media.

Absolutely well written and thanks for sharing!

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