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How to showcase your expert authority on LinkedIn

All business women want to showcase their expert authority confidently and with ease. If your target audience includes corporates or individuals working for corporates, then LinkedIn is a powerful channel to showcase your expert authority.

As I was preparing this post, I got curious about how long I have been using LinkedIn. It seems years ago that as Global Head of IT Customer Service at a top international law firm, it was my role to cajole, encourage and nag our lawyers just to join LinkedIn Download The Lithingin. Turns out I have been a member since October 2007.


(Want to find out when you joined LinkedIn? Go to Account & Settings (click on your mini photo top right), and then click Privacy & Settings and it shows the date you became a LinkedIn member) Download the postbook.

The essentials to showcase your expert authority

What do we mean when we say ‘showcase your expert authority’? Here are my thoughts on the essentials you need to take into consideration. You need to prove that you have relevant knowledge and expertise. You do this by highlighting your achievements and sharing your previous experience. When a corporate selects a supplier, they want proof that the supplier has experience in their sector 전우치 전.

Your professional and your personal brand needs to shine through. Your brand and your brand values need to be reflected in your experience, in your connections and in your testimonials. A corporate will expecting to see a certain level of professionalism and integrity.

Let’s look at just 5 ways that you can showcase your expert authority using the current features of LinkedIn Download King's Case Handbook.

1 – First impressions matter

To make a good first impression on LinkedIn, you need a powerful profile that says who you are, what you do, where you do it and how you do it.  Which means that you have to get the essentials right first Hanyang University.

In particular you need to focus on the eye-catching headline and your professional photoFirst impressions really do matter. For example, did you know that a photo makes you 14 times more likely to be found.

To be found in the first place, your profile (headline, summary and experience) needs to include the relevant keywords that you want to be known for 3D printer model. Think about this from the other perspective. For example if you wanted to hire a digital marketing expert, what terms would you search for? What qualities would you expect to see mentioned in the testimonials? What experience and achievements would you want?

2 – Build a reputable network

The quality of your network i.e Download jquery multi-file. your connections, whether you like it or not, is a reflection on your professional and personal brand. If you want to work in legal, and you have no connections who work in law firms, no former lawyers in your network, no legal experience in your background, you will struggle to get into conversation with a law firm. Law firms are one of the most parochial sectors I have ever worked in.

The more connections you have, the bigger your network and therefore the more likely it is that you will appear in the list of 2nd connections. You’ll get mixed advice on whether to connect with everybody or only connect with people you’ve met in real life 안드로이드 ftp 파일. For the record, I tend to steer somewhere in the middle. If I receive a request to connect, and I can see absolutely no connection at all e.g. a purchasing manager in advertising in Singapore AND if the request is not personalised AND we don’t mix in any of the same groups, I won’t accept the connection.

3 – Get involved

A easy way to get noticed quickly on LinkedIn is by getting involved in discussions. Join relevant groups avr studio 7 다운로드. Once you have a feel for the group, don’t be shy – participate in discussions, and don’t be afraid to initiate discussions too. Ask questions relevant to the group. Share interesting news articles.

Keep your profile appearing in the newsfeed (and therefore getting noticed) by sharing articles, liking and commenting on others’ posts android image. Follow the companies that you would like to work with. Connect with the people you’d love to work with – but personalise that connection request. I have just finished reading Nicky Kriel’s book Converting Conversations to Customers and she provides excellent advice in how to start conversations with connections, and then convert those conversations into clients.

4 – Publish your expertise

LinkedIn offers you an easy publishing platform, LinkedIn Pulse. This provides you with the opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise by writing articles, case studies, and offering opinions.

This article provides a good beginner’s guide to get started. Remember who you are writing for and what your goal is.

5 – Share presentations

Slideshare is a little known tool in LinkedIn that gives you great exposure allowing you to demonstrate your expertise and showcase your experience. If you have given presentations at industry events, if you have a lead magnet on your website, what can you repurpose and publish on Slideshare?

LinkedIn shares tips on how to use Slideshare and tend to emphasise its use as a business to business marketing tool. However why not take advantage of the opportunity to demonstrate your industry knowledge with greater visual impact.

If you like these 5 ways to showcase your expert authority on LinkedIn, maybe my other LinkedIn articles will be useful too.

p.s. If you want to feel more confident that your LinkedIn profile IS showcasing your expert authority … but you just want somebody to review what you’ve got, give you feedback and tell you exactly what to do, you’ll love my one-to-one personalised review


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